Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Laundry Solution

Laundry has been my nemesis in years past!
Seriously. I had no idea when I first got married that clothing would reproduce on its own, and that I would have mountains of it to constantly climb.

As I've mentioned  before, I am NOT a naturally organized person, and have at times been completely overwhelmed by certain household tasks. Especially ones that never ever end!

I've tried all kinds of "solutions" for laundry... the 1 load a day thing, but then I'd forget to do it, or just didn't follow through. I tried the once of week thing, but then I was so exhausted and bitter-angry by the end.

Finally, this solution came, and we've been doing it for 8 months.  It's worked almost like a charm (I say almost, because laundry will never go totally perfectly in my house, and I'm ok with that)!

It all started with this.....

I call it a "Laundry Pantry".

When we moved into our house, I was delighted that this closet was in our laundry room. While unpacking, I decided that I would put all of my 4 kids clothes in that closet.

Some have asked how in the world could I fit it all in??

Answer: I believe that kids only need about 7 (or so) tops and the same amount of pants/ shorts. My rule is that when clothes start to reproduce (which oh they soooo do!), that some have to go. Adios.

I hang dresses and nice clothes in their closets, but everything else goes right in this baby.

On each shelf, I have a stack for tops(1), a stack for pants/ shorts/casual skirts (2), and some bins (3) and (4). In the bins I put underwear, socks, and pajamas.

(My 3 year old twins have the bottom shelf here, so that's why you may see two bins of princess underwear :)).

The great part is that I can:

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  having their clothes right in the laundry room because I can fold and put them away right there. It saves so much time, sweat, and so many steps (unless laundry is part of your exercise routine, this is a total perk!)

The other part of the laundry solution: I put baskets right across from the washer and dryer. Then I stuck some labels (obviously not beautiful and pinterest worthy, but they work:)) above the baskets.

My kids dress and un-dress in the laundry room, and immediately put their clothes in the right basket.
(Ok, if it were a perfect world, they would do it every time. It's not every time, but most of the time).

Oh does this EVER help, and also saves lots of time and energy!

Then I can pop the baskets that are full in the washer, and not have it take over my life (eh, hem... like it formerly did).

This laundry solution has made me a much happier mommy!

One day, when my kiddos can handle folding it and putting it away on their own, then, I'll let them take it all to their own closets. But now, while it's all moi doing the work...
this is the way I roll!

If you want to make your own "Laundry Pantry", you don't even need a fancy closet. Plain old book shelves will do. Or any kind of shelf.

The key is keeping only the amount of clothing that will fit on the shelf. Then weed out.

If you don't have the heart to throw out all the clothes, then just keep some in a bin. Put it in a place the kids will not find. Then you can take out those clothes as needed.

Good luck! All moms need good luck with laundry! (... or dads... bless you if you do laundry too!)

XO, Nancy

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  1. Nancy, when I first saw your post, I thought you were going to say you put totes in the "pantry" and it is now your Scrap BIn with the shelves full of clear totes full of colorful scrap pieces! But then when I read...It brought back a cool high school years, me and my sister and 2 brothers shared a bathroom. There was a "pantry" closet in there and we each had our own shelf where we kept our own toiletries and towels etc. It was perfect for me as being second youngest, my shelf was the perfect height, while my sister had to stoop down to her's and my brothers had to go up high! Mom had us all our own color of towels so it was easy for her to put towels away (until she made us do it!) . For some reason that memory hit me reading your post and I just had to smile!

    1. Hello Cheri. Thanks for reading and your comment. It' always funny when somethings strikes a memory from the good old days :)... thanks for sharing!

  2. Always love good organization ideas especially for Laundry!! Love that you can lock the door. My little one likes to change her outfit several times a day, that's a perfect solution.

    1. I have the same problem with a few a my kiddos!! Locking helps :)!


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