Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love is in the air

Ahhh Valentine's. The season for love.
I don't know about you but my husband and I  sometimes need help knowing how to show love for each other. I do own the ever popular "Five Love Languages" book thanks to my lovely friend Jennifer but while it is on my list I have yet to read it. My real hope is that its information will just flow into my brain by looking at it on my coffee table. I promise though Jenn, I will read it! But until then I thought this might be a fun activity that would hopefully get us the same information.

So I sat my husband down one Monday evening. I had 40 red and green strips of paper for Christmas but this works perfectly well for Valentine's Day so you could do pink, red and white. I instructed him to write down 20 things that he would like me to do for him. They could be anything at all as long as they were things that would make him feel loved. I had 20 of my own that I would like him to do for me. The idea is that for the next 20 days you do something nice for your spouse. We did it every day for about a week but some of the requests got piled up since we couldn't do them all so soon(go to the temple, go to the aquarium, make me eight different things entirely out of chocolate-ok that was a lie) so we slowed down a little. But it's been  fun to pull one out randomly and see what we have written. One night I pulled out "please give me a foot massage" and he pulled out "please give me a back massage" we must need a new mattress or something! 

My plan at the end of all this is to save the papers and make a little book out of them entitled "20 Ways to Make Marcelo (Maren) Happy". Then we'll both know what to do when nerves get raw and love feels a little cold as it inevitably does when you've been married for over five minutes. So try this with your spouse. I think you'll be surprised with the things you learn about him or her; and in marriage I believe the more you know, the better!

Have Fun!
~Maren Pin It


  1. Awesome Idea! I love the end of the year book idea too. It is so important to remember those things we can do to increase love in our marriage. THANKS!

    1. Thanks Jan! I agree the more love the merrier!

  2. What a great idea! I love how simple and quick yet fun and meaningful this is.

    1. Thanks Nancy! Yeah it was fast and easy for what a difference it has made in our relationship.


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