Monday, January 14, 2013

30 Day "LOVE" Challenge

Do you remember those time when you were first in love and you would be talking and say "I love you" and then your 
significant other would say "I love you more". Then you would spend the next 15 minutes teasing who loved each other more........ 

And now, I am making breakfast and school lunches, taking and dropping off my older girls at school, cleaning up messes, changing diapers throughout the day, singing the Wheels on the Bus for the 15th time,  helping with the PTA, cooking, cleaning up messes, shopping, paying bills, cleaning up messes, helping with homework and reading, trying to get some exercise, cleaning up more messes, running errands, dropping the girls off at swimming lessons, cleaning up more messes, washing dishes, sorting laundry until.......
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 I finally make it under the covers and look over to see this man who I adore,
softly snoring and wonder.....

Did I even say "I love you" today?

If your sweetheart needs to hear a little more "I love you" or if you need to hear a little more "I love you" try this 

30 Day Love Challenge!

There are 30 cards with simple things to do each day to express
 your love to that someone who you adore! 

Why not print out cards for that special someone,
 so they can let you know they love you too?

Click on the links to get your cards.


If you start your challenge on Wednesday, you will finish on Valentine's Day!
Oh, How Romantic!

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  1. Great idea Jan! I think every marriage that is over a year old could use some extra spark!

  2. Awesome! Thank you for making this. My husband is going through an extremely stressful time, and I think this would make a huge difference. I LOVE those pictures of you and Justin! Cute!


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