Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine Countdown for Kids

Last year for Valentine's Day, I created a Valentine's Countdown for my girls.  Each day they came home from school there was either a little treat or something they got to do. It was something fun for them to look forward to each day.  Here were some of the little treats and games they got.

This is my favorite idea.  I saw these I love you because.... frames all over pinterest.  They were really simple to make and you can add all sorts of embellishments.  This idea gave me the opportunity to think each day about the reasons why I loved my girls.   I tried to write something specific
each day that they do or things that make them special to me.   

The heart shapes in the cup were another fun idea that we did last year.  I cut lots of hearts and whenever we saw someone doing something kind or being nice in the family, we'd write it on the heart and hang it with string from the ceiling down our long hall.  We called it our Hall of Love.  On Valentine's Day, at dinner, we read all the hearts.  It was fun to recognize all the nice things we do for each other.

Apple Juice

Crackers and Cheese

Bubble Gum Tape

                   Wii Coupon                                 Glow in the dark braclets

This Bingo card was from the idea then I added Valentine M&M's for the markers. 

Gummy Bears

A fun pen from the Dollar Store

Popcorn and Movie

The girls favorite cereal that I don't buy very often!
This was a fun Tic Tac Toe board that I made. I bought some red and white Tic Tacs as game pieces.
 Click here to print.
This is a nut mixture that their Dad makes. 
It is not very often they get to eat it, so I thought it would be a fun treat for them. 

I saw this cute idea for the Muffin Tins.  She used all sorts of Valentine candy which was super cute.
  This is what I created.  Cheese cut in hearts with Crackers, Yogurt that I froze in a heart shape,
 Red Grapes, Fruit Roll-up cut in hearts, Cakester Oreo cut in heart with candy sprinkles.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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