Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Forum: I can't find........

Every morning, I would hear, "Mom, I can't find......."  Seriously...... My response is usually something
like this, "We just did the laundry yesterday and you put them in your drawer." 
Then I walk in their room and open their drawer and find this.........

No wonder!  Even a detective couldn't find what they are looking for in that drawer. 
So I decided to try a really simple organization solution and it has worked wonders.......
I bought three of these baskets so they could separate their undershirts, underwear and socks and tights. 
It makes finding and putting things away so much nicer.  So now if I hear the words,
"Mom, I can't find........"  I usually tell them it is in the dirty laundry basket!!! 
Now if someone can find me a solution to get the laundry washed that would be great!

What are your Simple Solutions to Organizing????

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  1. So clever Jan! I need that for my drawers. Currently I have the first organization technique. Which is look and look and look until I'm late for church.

  2. Wow! Baskets do wonders!! Organization is one of those things I just want to get better at. The only tip I have is that I make sure all the dishes are done right after meals, and totally done before bed time. Also, we do a "cleaning frenzy" every night... which is making sure everything is cleaned up. Then when we wake up in the morning, everything is clean. If not, I am grumpy!

  3. I have absolutely no suggestions on how to organize. Hence I am here to soak up your knowledge! Great idea - thanks

  4. You can never have too many organization tools. I love it.


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