Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Barn Wood Christmas Tree

Christmas on the Porch- Day 7

I was trying to come up with a new decoration this year, and I needed something free (or very close), and easy.  My husband builds barn wood frames so we have scrap wood in over-abundance. I looked at the outcast pieces of wood just going to the dump.  I realized that I could rescue that wood and make a very cute Christmas tree for our porch, or for a wall inside our house. Or even as a Christmas card holder. Hmmm... possibilities.

I drew what I had envisioned and asked my husband if he could do it. He said it would take him about 5 minutes. He's totally not a perfectionist, so every measurement was definitely not exact, but he whipped it out. It was a great project... free, and no work for me!

He took my five-year old boy with him to make it, and assigned him to be the photographer :), so bear with the pictures.

 If you want to make your own....

 1. Measure and cut 11 pieces of wood: 72", 40", 36", 32", 28", 24", 20", 16", 12", 8", 4"

 2. Put the 72" piece of wood upright. Nail the 4" piece on the top. 

 3. Leave and approximate 2" distance, and then nail the next biggest piece of wood. Continue to the 40" piece of wood.  If the trunk is taller than desired, cut off excess.

Add a star and that's it!

Now just figure out where you want to put it. It makes a fun outside OR inside decoration.

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  1. this is so cute! i want to make one! :)

    1. Thanks Vivian! You can raid my back yard for scrap wood :)

  2. So cute. I want a whole forest of these in my front yard.

  3. Nancy Pants! I want one! Tell Mike I'll pay him for one. I'm serious!


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