Monday, December 24, 2012

50 Cute, Fun and Chic Hats

Knit them, crochet them, sew them, or just BUY them....

Happy Christmas Eve!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I love hats. I love knitting them for Christmas. Sadly, I didn't make ANY this year. Just hat cookies

Instead of getting out the knitting needles, I've found 50 amazing hats.  It's too late to make them or even buy them for Christmas tomorrow (unless you're a superhero, and you might be), but there's still a few long months of cold weather. The day after Christmas pull out those needles, hooks, sewing machine, or cash and make or buy a new hat for someone.  Here are a bunch of ideas. 

First, cute hats for the babies and kiddos....

1.Adorable baby stocking cap. Free pattern by Hands full of Happiness.

2.Baby Cape photo from Flickr.
Free Pattern found here by Drops.

3. Picture by Kamieo Photography. Buy this hat from Milk Money by Sonia's Etsy shop.
I've also made some very very similar hats from the book Itty Bitty Hats, which I talked about how much I LOVE, here.

4. Buy this Paddington Bear Hat Pattern from Avrellynrose's Store on Craftsy.

5. Baby Newsie Hat pattern by Noble Knits.

6.  Aviator Hat Pattern  by Julie Taylor available at Ravelry.

7. This hooded scarf is made by Cabbages and Kings. All of their products are handmade by people living high in the Andes mountains. Each piece is handmade and unique. These may be sold out, but perhaps they'll make more. Or figure out how to make one :).

8. Hello Kitty! Awesome free pattern at Crochet in Color.

9. The Beautiful Briar Hat  you can purchase at Dear Lillie.

 10. Angry Bird hat. Find it at Sweet Meadow Sweet Etsy Shop

11. The Paisley Cloche. Find the pattern on Ravelry.

12.  Lace Bonnet from Sweet Pea Toad Tots Etsy shop.

13.  Cute Newsboy hat for girls at Prairie Blossom Boutique.

14. Another cute crocheted hat from Prairie Blossom Boutique.

17.  Lamb Hat by Nolie Polie Olies.  Photo by With a Touch of Bliss Photography.

18. Little bear hat by Little Buttercup Baby.

19. Jessica from Running with Scissors gives free tutorials for these cute monster hats here.
She sewed them using fleece. Cute!

20. Free pattern: Candy Puffs Beanie by Busting Stitches.

21. How to SEW hats from sweaters. Awesome tutorial by Ashley from Make it and Love it. (One of my absolutely very favorite blogs).

I've heard there's a hot new hat trend...

22. Little boy crochet bearded hat available at  Little Buttercup Baby Estsy shop.

Sock Monkey hats are still a rage...

25. Sock Monkey Knitted Hat Pattern by Trappings and Trinkets Etsy Shop.

Some nice conservative hats for the men...

26. Botanic Hat pattern at Loopyarn.

27. 'Turn a Square Hat' pattern by Brooklyn Tweed.

28. The Man Hat... high rated pattern available for free at Ravelry

The ever popular slouch hat...

29. The Graham slouch hat by Jennifer Adams. Free pattern at Ravelry.

for yourself, a sister, mom, or friend...

 30. The Sarah Slouchy hat made by the Nolie Polie Olie's Etsy shop.

31. I think I'll be making this knit slouch hat. The free pattern is simple and adorable by .meet.make.laugh.

32. The Tree bark pattern beanie by Breeann Elyse Miller is free on Ravelry .

33.  Buttercup Beret is a free knitting pattern by Sweet Sassafrass.

34.  Through the Woods hood by Kalurah pattern available on Ravelry .

35. This Crystal-embellished knitted cotton beret is available at the Outnet. Yes, it's way more money than I could ever pay for a hat, but I can dream...hmmm, now how to figure out how to make one...

36. I don't know a pattern or where to buy this hat, I just love how it looks with that zipper flower. It can be viewed here on flickr.

37. Newsboy hat with zipper flower crochet pattern and tutorial, by Viktoria Gogolak on ravelry.

38. Crochet Cloche with flower and braided band. Pattern available at Artfire.

39. The Atomic hat. Pattern found on Crochet me.

40. Honeysuckle Hat pattern found on Crochet me.

41. Made by Ebrunk Etsy Shop. Sadly, I noticed they are sold out. Still worth looking at though.

42. The free pattern for this crochet head wrap is at Sweet Sweezers.

43.  In Bloom Crochet Beret is rated as quick and easy. Free pattern by Brittney Waterhouse on Ravelry.

44. Crochet Newsboy Hat made to order from Lady Baron's Etsy shop.

45.  Yellow knit hat with pom poms can be bought at Tulles4us.

46. The Starflower knitted hat pattern by Eveli Kaur can be purchased at Ravelry.  Rated quick and simple.

47. Solitary Hat by Anthropologie. Love it.

48. The Brangelina Hat by Laurie Perry... a simple free pattern found on Ravelry or Crazy Aunt Pearl.

49.  The Lizzie Cloche pattern  by Little Birdie Secrets on Etsy.

I could not resist these cute hats made from sweaters. Definitely on my to make list for next year...

50. Free sewing pattern from Make it and Love it.

Oh, and after I found all the hats, there was one more I could NOT resist...
 This adorable crochet pattern The Baylie Bear Cowl can be purchased from the Velvet Acorn Shop.

Such great hats out there!!! Make them or buy them before it's too late! At least we know the world hasn't ended, and there's always next year :).

Merry Christmas!!!
XO, Nancy

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