Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thievin' Traditions

Hanging out in her favorite outfit
What is Christmas without traditions? Traditions are the sugar and sprinkles that Christmas memories are made of. Sadly, our home is a little tradition-poor when it comes to Christmas. Dare I say, we need a little Christmas right this very minute.

Last week I enjoyed an afternoon chat with my fabulous friend Daphne who told me of one of their traditions where they unwrap one present the night before Christmas and inside is always a pair of pj's. So naturally as the Grinch stole the Who's Christmas right out from their noses, I'm going to steal Daphne's super fun idea. However, I won't be stuffing her tree up the chimney and taking the roast beast from the freezer. Actually maybe the roast beast. She is a good cook.

I think this new tradition will be fun; I'm really excited to start this one. Who doesn't love brand new jammies? There's nothing like that fresh cotton feel before the butt and the knees wear out and the elastic has been dried to brittle in the dryer. Plus, the idea of opening one present before the big day is like a scintillating appetizer before a feast. It just gets you hungrier. Especially if you love opening presents as much as my 32-year-old child does. So here we go, I am headed out to a pajama carrying store near me to start our new tradition. Mmm mmm I love the smell of stolen ideas. Thanks Daphne!


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  1. Yes Maren I love that you guys will be creating this tradition with your family too! However I will be locking my doors to protect my roast beef and Christmas tree :)

    1. Ha ha ha don't worry so far Bella has declined my offers of tuna in exchange for back door access.

  2. That's a great tradition even when you're extra tall and your Mom gives you pj pants that are two sizes short every year..;) I LOVE that photo of Caroline! See you soon Yay!

    1. Ha ha ha that's hilarious Kris! I think that will be my post next year. Pictures of you in your pj high waters. Can't wait to see you!


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