Friday, May 23, 2014

The BEST Art Supplies for Kids

We mamas are in big anticipating the coming of SUMMER VACATION, eh?   Sometimes we feel excitement to just chill and relax, and other times a little dread pulses through the veins. I mean dread in all good ways... we love our kiddos like no one else, yet that fear of keeping them from turning to technology addicted zombies bites at me.

I asked my kids what they wanted to spend their summer doing, and their quick answer was: lots of swimming, and lots of art.  I couldn't be more pleased with their answer since we live in Las Vegas, and it is H-O-T. We. Will. Swim. Lots.

...And art...  kids are the BEST natural artist that exist. I would LOVE to keep creative little artists forever. Plus, art is my total and 100% favorite way to "play" with my kids. When working on art projects, if we relax, we can have a grand time with the kiddos.

I'm hoping to carve out some time to make these adorable at smocks by Becky from Ucreate!

Here's my list of great art supplies to entice budding artists to spend less time looking at the screen, and more time with a smock on. I'm acquiring them a little at a time... thank goodness for the craft store coupons!!

(*** Means a definite essential)
1. Oil pastels ***
2. Colored pencils (twistable are great!) ***
3. Pip squeak markers ***
4. Skinny markers
5. Sharpies
6. collage materials (buttons, googly eyes, etc)
7. Chalk
8. Sidewalk chalk
9. yarn
10. Scissors, fun shaped ones too ***
11.Glue ***
12. Glue gun (teach older kids to use)
13. Embroidery floss
14. Stockmar crayons
15. Mini paint rollers
16. Colored masking tape
17. Colored duct tape
18. Tempera paint
19. Watercolor crayons
20. Liquid watercolor paint, or watercolor tubes
20. Watercolor cakes (regular stuff) ***
21. Variety of paintbrushes ***
22. Glitter glue
23. Shaving cream
24. Pipe cleaners ***
25. Printmaking tools (vegetables, sponges, bubble wrap)
26. Finger paints
27. Contact paper (for stained glass activities)
28. Stapler
29. Regular pencils ***
30. Regular pens
31. Sketch books ***
32. Beads
33. Paper plates
34. Clay ***
35. Salt dough
36. Play dough
37. Construction paper ***
38. Card stock
39. Heavy weight white sulphite paper
40. Poster board (cut smaller)
41. Fabric and felt scraps
42. Brown contractor's paper from Lowe's (instead of butcher paper) ***
43. Marshmallows (sculptures)
44. Glitter
45. Toothpicks
46. Wooden shapes (to paint or make magnets)
47. Window markers
48. Mat board remnants (from frame shop)
49. Rainbow loom and bands
50. Perler beads (or melty beads)
Pull out a few of these materials ever day and watch the kids go to town with their creations... better yet, "go to town" with them!

Oh all the possibilities:
 suncatchers, postcards, printing with kitchen supplies, magnets, embroidery, illustrating a book, marble rolling, shaving cream on the window, painting cookies with edible paint, paper mache, puppets, dyed pasta, melted crayon shapes, and so much more!

Happy summer preparations!!

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