Thursday, May 8, 2014

Poptastic Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher appreciation week. Hmmm. I always wonder what  my kids' teachers would really like. Heaven knows they deserve some extra BIG appreciation!

One day I was walking through Cost Plus World Market and couldn't contain my hands after I saw this Yard of Popcorn! I HAD to plop it it my cart. Seriously. My fingers gave me no choice.

 Literally, the package spoke to me. I  knew it was just meant to be....  Poptastic Teachers.  Yes cheesy (or corny), but it'll  make the teachers chuckle, give them a good supply of popcorn, and make my kids feel really cool (that's what matters most, right?)

If you need a super quick teacher appreciation gift, here you go. Just save to your computer and print. I'll admit, I just wish I was a graphic design expert... one day hopefully I'll have some skills. For now, this will have to do...

If you don't want to buy the whole yard of popcorn, you could make one of the million amazing popcorn recipes out there. OR give the teacher a bucket of movie theater popcorn with a gift certificate to GO to the movie!

Need more teacher appreciation ideas? Check out all of Jan's amazing ideas HERE, HERE , and HERE.

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