Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Dessert

This has been a family favorite recipe for a long time and although I have never made it personally before this post, I knew I wanted to share it. It is really good and really very simple for the average baker!!!! So I called my oldest sister, who BTW is an awesome cook, who could be on the Food Network, and asked her to talk me through it.  Before I made it, I kept closing my eyes seeing a picture of the final product. A beautiful white cake layer, a fluffy white frosting layer, a luscious strawberry glaze layer, and a perfect chocolate heart sitting on top. Seriously, it was amazing in my head. I felt like my picture was going to come true until I went to pour the strawberry layer on...... I called my sister in a panic.
"When I went to spread the strawberry layer, the cool whip layer is getting mixed in."  Her reply, "that's never happened to me before."
OH GREAT!!!  So trying to figure out how to salvage the cake and my post for today, I figured I could try to take a picture from a good angle of the piece I cut. Good thinking until I went to move the pan and dropped the piece of cake onto the floor. Great Day! So I cut another piece and took a picture.

My husband came home from work to find me a little frazzled.  He joking laughed and said
"Jan, you know Danish Dessert is a JELL-O base product." 
(You actually find it right next to the JELL-O in the grocery store.)
It's a NOT so funny joke around here.
 I consider myself a good cook and can follow
a recipe well with the exception of two things one of those being  

I know!!!  I can hear you laughing.... "How do you screw up JELL-O?"
  I don't know either but somehow I do.
My sister called me later apologizing over and over again.  She admitted that she wasn't mentally present when I called throughout the week and hadn't really checked the recipe and instructions right.  You know those recipes that a cook just knows how to make and forgets to give specific instructions.  She felt horrible and said, "I will make it tomorrow and take pictures and explain exactly how to do it."
So as she sent the pictures I called her and said, "that is not how my cool-whip frosting looked."
She began apologizing over and over again about not giving me the right instructions.
 I didn't care.. it wasn't the JELL-O..... I was so excited!!!!!!

So here is the recipe with all the special instructions so you can have a perfect
Valentine's Dessert in your head and your belly.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Replies
    1. This dessert is as delicious as it looks. I only ate 4 pieces over the weekend which resulted in being 1/2 of the pan & each subsequent piece larger than its predecessor. Thanks Jan it was amazing. Happy valentines day.

  2. This is truly one of my favorite desserts. It is really not complicated and is truly divine.

  3. I think you could customize this dessert to your families tastes. Like instead of strawberries you could put peaches or another favorite fruit. You could also put chocolate on top. Such a yummy dessert.

  4. O had forgotten about this one, but I remember your sweet mom making it for us! So excited to have the recipe!


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