Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Forum: Chick Flicks

Welcome to February!!! 

 The month of Love!!!

I grew up in a family of all girls and friday nights would consist of eating pizza and watching
chick flicks.  You know these ones...... 

"THAT's a Chicks Movie."

We watched everything from old musicals to the 80's new releases.   Even now, I would have to say I am a chick flick girl.  My husband tries to convince me that all movies are chick flicks.  When we are watching an action movie and then the characters kiss he will say...  "See, it's a chick flick."
 I believe there is more to a chick flick then just kissing, like the perfect line that makes you go 


Let's see if you know your chick flicks?

What's your favorite

Start the month off right tonight by cuddling up on the couch watching your favorite

Answers to quiz:
1. Princess Bride 2. Casablanca 3. Say Anything  4. Some Kind of  Wonderful 5. Sleepless in Seattle 6. Hope Floats 7. Runaway Bride 8. Sweet Home Alabama 9.The Notebook 10. Dirty Dancing. 
11. The Vow  12.  Titantic 13. Love Actually 14. 50 First Dates 15. Ever After

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  1. Fun quiz, Jan! I didn't get hardly any right. Looks like I'd better watch a few more chick flicks! One of my recent favorites is 'Letters to Juliet.'

  2. That quiz totally belongs in the bridal shower handbook. Well done Jan! I have to put Pride and Prejudice (long version) as my all time favorite chick flick.

  3. I love chick flicks. In fact during the month of November & December I watched a ton on the Hallmark channel. My husaband was sick of watching them and couldn't wait to get back to American Pickers, Storage Wars or even the food network.
    They are having a chick flick movie marathon on Hallmark channel for the month of Love. I have tried to keep it under control so my husband isn't sick of romance before Valentines day. I love the list. My favorite is still while you were sleeping.

  4. LOVE Friday movie nights! With mint brownies and ice cream, right? The quiz was fun, and tell Justin Tim tries to do the same thing!


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