Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Slip Headbands

So, I might not be the fittest gal at the gym, but I can certainly be one of the stylish! I was tired of my cheap headbands flipping off my head and hitting the unfortunate soul that was on the treadmill behind me. I noticed a few gals with these great headbands (you know that matched the shoes, that matched their yoga mats, that matched their water bottles...you get the idea). Best yet, they stayed on their heads! So, I shamelessly asked if I could check it out (somehow all pride goes out the door when you are sweaty, stinky and just made a fool of yourself attempting to do a Downward-Facing Tree pose). Anyhow, I thought to myself  "I can make this" so I did.

Here are the simple instructions:

Supplies needed:
- 1/4 yd. of fun ribbon (make sure it is the same width or larger than the Velvet ribbon)
- 1/4 yd. of Velvet ribbon (can be found at most fabric stores). The velvet ribbon is what makes the
   headband stay put when it is on your head.
- 1/2" wide elastic

Step 1: Sew the raw edges of both types of ribbon under.

Step 2: With the wrong side of the ribbons facing each other, sew along the long edges. You'll want to leave the short edges open to slip the elastic in.

Step 3: With the ribbons sewn together, place the headband around your head to see how much elastic you will need. You want the headband to be tight, so cut the elastic so as the headband is shorter than the circumference of your head. This will allow the headband to stretch around your head and stay put. My elastic was roughly 2"-3" long.

Step 4: Slip the elastic into the open slots of the ribbon and sew the seams shut.

Now, if only exercising was this quick and easy!


*as a side note, I hope that you appreciate my sewing machine from the 70's!

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  1. All of my girls would love these. What a great friend gift too!

  2. So cute!!!! I will definitely need a ton of these!

  3. I love that they're no-slip. I always have a problem with fabric headbands not staying put. And I also bemoan the fact that exercising is not nearly as easy as being creative and crafty. I could be so much more fit if it were!


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