Monday, March 25, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week: All- Star Teachers

Welcome to this week's series of
Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

I had the fun opportunity this week to help with my girls school's Teacher Appreciation Week and asked some of the ladies at Potluck on the Porch to help.  I  helped decorate the teacher's lounge, halls, and ended up decorating a couple of doors at the last minute. (like the last 30 minutes of set up time)

The committee decided to set our theme around "All-Star Teachers and Staff" with a sports theme.  Here are the decorations we made:

Here is a great tutorial. We actually used paper napkins and it works great!!!!

This table is for the food we serve each day during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Each day we made up a fun name for the food we will be serving.
Monday: Breakfast of Champions: Muffins, Bagels and fruit
Tuesday: Concession Stand Snacks: Nachos and cheese, popcorn and other fun snacks
Wednesday: Tailgate Party: Crackers, meat and cheese trays, veggie trays and other party snacks
Thursday: Pep Rally Picnic: BBQ chicken sandwiches, chips, salads and drinks
Friday: "Time-Out" for Treats: Desserts

Table Decorations
For instructions click read more.... just below the pin it button.

Linking to: Uncommon Design

Popcorn bucket from Dollar Tree
Paper Confetti from Dollar Tree
Styrofoam from Dollar Tree
Skewers from Macey's Grocery Store
Sport Theme Easter Eggs from Party Land
Star Garland from JoAnn's
Red, Blue, White Curling Ribbon
Paper from DCWV
Pennants from "Locker Talk" Circut Cartridge 
As far as instructions here are a few things I did that helped:
  • I cut the styrofoam to fit down into the popcorn bucket. 
  • I drilled the bottom of the Easter eggs so that the screwer would fit tightly in the hole. 
  • I then opened the egg and hot glued the stick with the egg.  This prevents the egg from sliding out. 
  • I cut some skewers to different sizes so that the eggs would be tall and short.
  • I tied curling ribbon at the bottom of each egg and curled the ribbon. 
  • I cut the star garland into strips and curled the garland around a skewer and then placed into the styrofoam. 
  • I hot glued the pennants to the skewers and placed into styrofoam. 
  • I doubled layered the sport square paper then attached with glue dots on the popcorn bucket to cover up the word "popcorn". 
  • Add the confetti paper to cover up all the screwers and styrofoam. 

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  1. So fun! I love that little sports Easter egg table bouquet! I might need to stock up on those while they're in the stores. This would be fun any time for lots of events!

  2. Adorable! This makes me want to do teacher appreciation again. How fun.

    1. Thanks! I need to feature you for a week of all the amazing things you did for teacher appreciation week at your school. AND!!!! the fact that you did by yourself while being pregnant! You are amazing!!


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