Friday, March 8, 2013

A Guest Post and an Embarrassing Moment

I was honored to have the opportunity to do my first guest post today at The Red Headed Hostess!! Shannon, the amazing blogger, and I were both full time seminary teachers before we became mothers. (Which means we taught the LDS religion class at a Jr. High or High school- all day). Her blog is full of amazing teaching ideas for all ages.

This is me with one of my children... my friend posted this to introduce me.

HERE is my guest post. I felt so happy and excited to do it.
  Have you ever felt elated, and then had an experience where the proverbial balloon popped?

Well, here's what happened... I wrote the post, and edited it about 4 times. I sent it to Shannon {a.k.a. The Red Headed Hostess}. She gave me great positive feedback, and posted it.  I looked a few hours later to see if anyone had commented, and sure enough a couple people had. YAY!

THEN I read the first comment.... the reader told me I should run the "article" through spell check!!!!!!!!!!! I did!!!!! BUT, but there is one word I used often, and the spell check kept telling me I spelled it wrong. Unfortunately,  I hit the over-ride button. It's a scriptural word, and I just thought the spell check didn't know the word. HAHAHA... joke on me.
 That's what I get for thinking I know more than the spell check!!

Oh well, I'll chalk it up to one more imperfection. That's OK though, I like people who make mistakes here and there :).  One more chance to laugh at myself and choose not to take myself too seriously.

It was a good experience, and I'll always run the splle chkec from now on :).

Have a great weekend,

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  1. Congratulations on your guest post! Spell check is over rated (Hee Hee)! It is good to laugh at yourself. :)

    1. Thanks for the moral support, Melissa (heehee)!!


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