Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Forum: #1 Teacher

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Who was your favorite teacher?????????

Jan:  I have had some great teachers throughout my life.  My favorite teacher would have to be my 1st Grade teacher, Mr. Averett.  He never made you feel dumb for not knowing the answer and always tried to take the time to teach you new ways to learn.  He took the time to play as well as teach.  During recess, he would come out and play kick ball or push us on the swings.  While teaching, Mr. Averett continued his education and got his law degree.  He now teaches at Brigham Young University in the Law Department.  Another fun fact about Mr. Averett is that he walks and rides his bike everywhere.  One day while playing outside with my girls he walked by our house and I got to introduce my girls to my favorite 1st Grade teacher!!!!!

Nancy:  I had a teacher who really changed my life. His name is David Grimsman, and he taught several of my high school seminary classes. (That's a class where high school students learn about the Scriptures).  I just remember that in his class I always felt like I was of great value. Worth is such a thing that teens struggle with, and his presence always made me feel that I was truly "enough". That meant so much to me because I didn't always feel that way in the eyes of my peers-- I had a complex about where I lived, and I just didn't think I was as smart or pretty as my friends. In Brother Grimsman's class however, I felt loved, respected and deeply valued. He saw people beyond their exterior. His belief in me gave me the confidence I needed. When I was in his class, I decided that I wanted to give other teens the gift Brother Grimsman gave me. When I graduated from College, I too became a seminary teacher because of his example.

Lauralee: There are those teacher's who really pushed me and were challenging. Then, there was those teachers who just "connected" with students and you looked forward to class each week. Well, I have to say that one of my favorite teachers did both. He was one of my professors at WSU, Professor Litchford. He greeted us everyday by strumming his guitar to lyrics he made up of that day's lesson. He was a retired businessman who had a passion for teaching and life.

Maren: Definitely Mrs. Bayless. She was so awesome. I used to write crazy long (read boring) stories and she always said how creative I was. She truly loved her students and I felt that. Sadly, she died of cancer soon after our class was done but I will always remember her and her passion for teaching.

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