Monday, March 18, 2013

Napkin Rings

Are you hosting a party????
Here is a great way to add some color,
decorate with your theme, and have a place for your utensils!!!
Bridal Shower Napkin Ring

Ribbon tied around napkin with a plastic ring attached.
Birthday Party Napkin Ring
Curling ribbon around your napkin
Soccer or Sport Theme Napkin Ring
Ribbon tied around your napkin
Baby Shower Napkin Ring
Feet stamped on paper and layered with paper.
 Use a strip of paper to make a ring around napkin and glue square to the strip of paper
4th of July BBQ Napkin Ring
Wrap wire garland around a napkin
 Fire Cracker BBQ Napkin Ring
If you don't want to add utensils, just add a paper cut out that will match your theme.
Princess Party Napkin Ring
Use a sticker
Santa or Christmas Party Napkin Ring
Squares cut in silver and black,
Use a strip of black paper to make a ring around the napkin and glue the squares to ring
Snow Flake or Winter Party Napkin Ring
Snowflake die cut, cut two small holes and attach with ribbon.
 Other Ideas:
      Graduation Party Napkin Ring- Black napkin and yellow tassle
      Valentines Party Napkin Ring- Red or pink napkin with hearts
      St. Patricks Party Napkin Ring- Green napkin with gold circle
      Easter Party Napkin Ring- Pastel color napkin with paper egg
      Halloween Party Napkin Ring - Orange napkin with orange and black ribbon and a spider ring
      Spring Party Napkin Ring- Pastel color napkin with flower die cut
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  1. These are great ideas. I may have to use a combination of the St Patricsday (green with yellow) and graduation napkin rings at my graduation party next month. PS you are invited, please bring eclair cake, potato salad & the napkin rings.

    1. Thanks for the invite!! I will work on the party I must be hosting!!!

  2. Such fun napkin ideas, Jan! They add an adorable extra touch.


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