Thursday, March 28, 2013

All Star Teacher 3D Basketball Door

My assignment for teacher appreciation week was to decorate my daughter's teacher's door.  Actually my husband is the brains and the designer behind this one...

When I told my husband about my assignment to decorate a door for our daughter's teacher's classroom, he became quite excited :). That wasn't the reaction that I was expecting, but I was definitely pleased! The "All Star" teacher/ sports theme was 'right up his alley!!

This was one of those projects that I didn't have to think a much about, and it brought out one of my favorite sides of my husband <3... which is always great.

 This is what he did... just in case you ever want to know :).

He spray painted a hula hoop and 2 dowels red. Then he attached it to the door with lots of tape, and added the dowels for support.

Then he found a shirt of mine, and traced it for the jersey.

My touch to this project was using book pages, since this is for a teacher....
My husband however, tore the pages out of the book and water colored them orange for basketballs!

 A Few more details we added:

 1. Traced circles on to the orange water colored book pages. Then we made basketball markings on them, and wrote the names of all the kids in the class.

2. Cut pages out of the same old book.

3. Cut out letters from the school dye cut machine and glued them on the right places.

My daughter and Mrs. Stapel were both pleased :).

 I would love to know what kinds of things have you done to show the teachers in your life some appreciation! Please share!

~ Nancy

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