Thursday, March 21, 2013

36 Fun and Meaningful Easter Celebration Ideas

The other day, my sister told me that  she would LOVE it if I would post  a list of  meaningful ways to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.  I couldn't let go of the here it is.

I LOVE the yummy chocolate that comes out at this time of year.
 I love the bunny and chickie crafts, I love coloring eggs. I love Easter egg hunts, and Easter dresses. The candy is great too, and so are the beautiful Easter baskets.

 I don't think this fun stuff is totally separate from the amazing true meaning of Easter. Actually, the fun aspects of Easter can be symbolic teaching tools to help our children  (and ourselves) understand the  most wonderful meaning of Easter....

Eggs symbolize life. 

Last year, the robbins in my backyard left the eggs in the picture above= one of the greatest Easter gifts I've ever received!

While decorating Easter eggs, talk  about all of the kinds of animals that hatch out of eggs. Here are some fun egg activities...

1. Easter Egg Garland by Crafty Endeavors
2. Easter Egg Cupcake with Yolk Centers by The Cupcake Project
3.You've been Egged by Eighteen25
4. Felt Egg Holder and Finger Puppet by While Wearing Heels

5. Rice Krispie Easter Eggs via The Kitchn
6. The Nest Egg by Very Heatherly
7. Easter Egg Bunny Cups by BHG
8.Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs by The Instructables

9. Read The Egg Tree by Katherine Milhous. This book's pictures are an exquisite Pennsylvanian Dutch style and won the Caldecott Medal in 1951. I fell in love the first time I read it. One day I will frame all the pictures for Easter decorations. I love the illustrations THAT MUCH!

Children's Books and Reviews said this about The Egg Tree:
 "In addition to being attractive, this picture book is developmentally valuable for children in several ways.  First, the book provides an educational view into the traditional culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch.  As one reads, one absorbs the slow simple pace of rural life.  In this story the Easter Rabbit is not a fictional creature, but rather a real rabbit that eats flower petals in the beautiful springtime garden.  Moreover, the children do not hunt for plastic or chocolate eggs, but for real hard-boiled eggs, which they proceed to eat for breakfast.  Here, then, is a refreshing break from the commercialism of contemporary Easter.  One review on worries that the simplicity of the traditions might seem “a tad dull” to the modern child.  However, I think the story and illustrations are enough to hold young children, and it is just plain good for this simpler, slower life to seep into the soul of the hurried modern child."

Bunnies and Chicks Remind us that Jesus created the earth. That's a Truth that we can remind ourselves and our children as they are enjoying all of the cute little animal festivities. Here are a few of the many fun creations:

10. Bunny Tails Printable by Live Laugh Rowe
11. Bunny Tail Cookie via Tumblr
12. Good n' Plenty Bunny Cookies Tutorial by Six in the Suburbs
13. Chick & Bunny Garland via Parents
14. Peeps on a Stick by Your Home Based Mom
15. Yarn Bunnies by Crafts n' Coffee

Nature reminds us of the Resurrection. Just as Jesus died, and came back to life... so do the flowers, and so will we. This is something to think about and teach our children.
16. Flowers and Veggie display via BHG
17. How to grow Easter Grass (or wheat grass) by Make and Takes
18. Easter Branch Bouquet by BHG

A few more nature ideas:
19. Take a walk and take pictures of, or collect things that died during the winter and are now coming back alive in the Spring.
20. Go visit a farm with some baby animals, and talk about the joy of life and all the creations we have.
21. Give everyone an empty Easter Egg and let them find something that they love about nature to put in the egg. Later have a show and tell.

Here are some creative ways to teach families about the true Easter story:

22. Easter Story Cookies {from the Bible} by Eat at Home
23. Telling the Story of Easter with Jelly Beans by Being LDS
24. Names of Jesus Easter Garland by The Homespun Heart
25. Tips for Hosting a Kid Friendly Passover by Red Tricycle
26. Easter {Resurrection} Breakfast Rolls via Amelia's Cookbook
27. Easter Story Finger Play from the Friend via Sugardoodle

**31. For adults, THIS  Easter study packet from the Bible is an amazing resource made by Shannon a.k.a The Red Headed Hostess. She is an incredible teacher and student of the scriptures. I guarantee that THIS  packet will enhance Easter for you and your family. Here's a little sneak peek... Make sure to check it out. You'll love it.

32. New Easter clothes teach that it's important to Jesus that we wear our Sunday best to church as we worship, and learn about Him.


 Here are some of our own "Potlucks on the Porch" Easter celebration ideas that can be both fun and meaningful...

 As we embark on this week before Easter, I hope it is fun and meaningful for you and your family. 

How do you combine the fun and the true meaning of Easter?

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  1. Love all the ideas, especially getting away from the hype and commercialized Easter may have come to expect.. Thank you for finding all these resources :)

  2. I loved these ideas! I was wanting to see the "You've been egged service ideas" but the link goes to "the nest egg" just wondering if I could get the link for number 3. Thanks!

    1. Thanks SO MUCH for letting me know, Shannon. I just changed it- I think that's one of the best activities there! Let me know if there are any more link problems. I'm hoping they're all the right ones now!!

  3. Love these ideas!! Thank you so much for the inspiration on ways to make Easter fun and meaningful for my kids!

    1. Thanks, Jenn! Thanks for inspiring me to do this post. I've already used lots of these ideas for my own family. I'll actually have somewhat of an organized Easter week thanks to your idea :)!

  4. oh my goodness so many great ideas. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

    1. Thank you Katherine! You are such a kind and gracious party host... I'm hooked on your site :)!

  5. What an AWESOME list! Thanks for sharing at Family Fun Friday!


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