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Your Best Color

Have you ever felt washed out or just a little blaugh? Or, have you ever seen somebody and thought "Wow that color looks great on them"? Well guess what, there is a little science to it. There is something actually called "skin tone color matching" and this approach divides people into seasons. So, if you are wondering what color looks best on you or what color of makeup and hair color flatters your complexion, here is the lowdown:

First Step: Figure out if you have "warm" or "cool" undertones to your skin

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Typically, if you have blue, green or grey eyes with blond, black or brown hair you probably have a cool skin tone. Also, cook skin tones will have a pink or rosy undertone.

For you folks with brown, black, or hazel eyes with black brown, blond, red or strawberry blond hair you most likely have a warm skin tone with a golden or apricot undertone.

Step 2figure out if you are "clear" or "muted"

Clear:  A person with clear skin will normally have a large contrast between their hair, skin and eyes. This skin will have a slight translucent quality to it.

Muted: A person with muted skin will not have much contrast between their hair, skin and eyes.

Final Step: figure out what "Season" you are:

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Description:Winter skin is cool and clear. Think of very stark and dramatic skin. Asians and Africans often fall into this category. Caucasians with very pale skin and dark hair will fall into this category as well. 

Your Best Colors: true white, true black, cool grays, navy blue, deep reds, bright pinks, jewel tones (emerald, royal blue, royal purple), and icy pastels.
Avoid:  beige, orange, gold, brown and other washed out shades. Winter skin tone will look faded and ashy in these colors.

Hair color: dark browns or black, blue-black, deep coffee brown, medium ash brown, raven blacks, cool ash browns, and clean blue based reds. 

 Make-up: choose a cool color foundation with blue or pink undertones. Pick eye shadows in blues, grays, silver, pinks, and plums. Lip color: wear purples, rose, and sheer, pink gloss.

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Description: A summer skin tone is cool and muted. People with pale pinkish skin, ash blonde or brown hair, and light eyes will fall under this category. A summer could also have a strong complexion that tans easily. Summers are mostly natural blondes. Summer skin tone has a low level of contrast between eye, hair and skin color. 
Your Best Colors: Pastels, neutrals, and muted colors look best. Lavender, rose, mauve, pale yellow, and light blue are a few examples of flattering muted colors for the summer skin tone. 
Avoid: Colors to avoid include black and orange. Also, other intense, vivid colors will be too harsh and drown out a summer skin tone.

Hair color: light ash blond, coffee and mid level blonde, medium ash brown, dishwater blonde, sandy or beige blonde, platinum blonde,

Make-up: Similar to Winters

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Description:An autumn skin tone is warm and muted. People with light golden skin, red or brown hair, and brown eyes will be considered autumns. An autumn might also have darker honey colored hair or golden blonde hair with blue eyes that have a gray or turquoise cast. These people will burn easily in the sun. 

Your Best Color:Autumns look best in earth tones that are rich and muted. Think of colors you would see on autumn leaves and spices. Caramel, beige, burnt orange, gold, dark reds, olive, ivory, camel and rich brown look great on autumns.
Avoid: Cool shades will give you a pale appearance. Pink is extremely unflattering. Clear, bright colors and black and white will make you look faded and should be avoided as well.

Hair Color:Light honey blonde, strawberry blonde, golden mid level blonde, ginger or orange based reds, deep browns with a hint of rust.

Make-up: Select yellow-toned foundation. Wear eye shadow with a golden hue, such as greens, browns, gold or pinks. Warm reds and browns or pale warm shades such as champagne are good lip colors.

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Description: A spring skin tone is warm and clear. Someone with light blonde, auburn, or strawberry blonde hair and clear light blue or green eyes will fall into this category most times. Springs have extremely light, ivory skin. Freckles and rosy cheeks are seen in springs as well. If you can't decide whether you are a spring or autumn, most times autumns have dark eyes while springs have pale eyes.

Your Best Color:Pale, soft colors look best on springs. Ivory, peach, true reds, clear blues, camel, light pink, coral, golden yellow, golden brown, aqua and bright greens are all flattering on a spring.
Avoid:This skin tone does not go well with dark, dull colors. Black and white will also be too contrasting for a spring skin tone.

Hair Color:light honey blonde, strawberry blonde, golden mid level blonde, ginger or orange based reds, deep browns with a hint of rust, deep chocolate, golden brown, golden blonde, red colors with orange highlights, and auburn. 

Make-up: Similar to Autumn.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea as to what color works best with your skin tone. But, remember these are only guidelines. Sometimes colors that aren't in your "Season" look fabulous on you too. Most important is that you Feel Great in whatever you are wearing!


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