Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beaded Halloween Pillows

I was browsing around my local Tai Pan store the other day and noticed their adorable Halloween pillows. Immediately I thought, "Wow! Those are cute!" Then I checked the price. "Wow! I'm too cheap to afford these!" So of course I had to make my own.

I found these darling Polk-a-dot prints at the fabric store and got 1/4 of a yard to make two. My darling friend Jenn had an idea to make borders on each pillow of the opposite fabric. Such a cute idea! But alas as I'm sure you've already observed that while her sewing is amazing, my sewing hasn't improved since I left it back in 1998. Thanks for nothing Mrs. Bird! (OK so it wasn't her fault) So you should use Jenn's idea for your pillows.

Anyway, I measured them about 12" lengthwise but you can make them as big as you want.

Next, draw an outline of want you want on your pillow or go and google some clip art. I did the second option and found some cute bats and a fun little "Boo!" that I thought would be fab. Cut out the clip art and trace it on to your fabric.

When that is done then the real fun begins! Get your needle, corresponding colored thread and your beads. On straight lines you can put around 4-5 beads on your thread without it getting too loose and loopy. For curved lines it's best to keep 1-2 beads on the thread so you can accurately follow your pattern. Make sure to keep the stitches tight so the beads don't get loose. That makes it look sloppy.

This "Boo" pattern took about a movie long to do. So simple. The bats took about 8 movies and lots of tv, just because it took way more beads to fill in their little bat bodies.

Once your pattern is completely beaded, then turn your fabric inside out and glue the sides with Liquid Stitch and leaving an opening . Or use Real Stitch if you have a sewing machine.

When your glue is dry, turn it right side out and stuff it with batting. Make sure to get the corners and all the rest full. Then seal up the opening. I used clothes pins to help the glue set.

When that is done fix any lumps and ta-da! You are done and you have a fantastic pillow with which to adorn your couch.

Have so much fun!

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  1. Maren, This is such a cute idea. The possibilities endless on to the holidays you could make them for. We did our office in a disney theme because we are such big disney fans. I have some leftover over fabric so I think I will make some pillows for our little couch and recyliner in the room. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Yes! I keep thinking I need to start on Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love the idea for doing Disney pillows. You could definitely have a lot of fun with that.

  2. I keep seeing SUCH adorable Halloween fabric, and have wanted to use it for something. This would be a perfect project!

    1. Totally Nancy! There is such cute fabric out there. I'm hoping it all goes into clearance soon...

  3. This Liquid Stitch you speak of, I need to get some of that! The Real Stitch doesn't work for me either!
    So creative-I love them!

  4. Yes, I would be lost without Liquid Stitch. Now I know what to get you for your birthday! Thank you I'm so glad you like them.


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