Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7 Ideas for General Conference

To learn about LDS General Conference click here.

Ever since my husband and I got married we have been creating traditions with our family around General Conference time.  Before our girls were born, we would drive up Provo Canyon to Heber and get a shake at "GRANNY'S".  The ride was always beautiful since it was either Spring and everything was blooming or Fall and the leaves were changing colors.   As the girls grew up, I began trying to find other traditions to help them understand the importance of General Conference and to learn to be quiet during conference.  I began searching  the internet and blogs and also creating my own ideas. I loved when I discovered PINTEREST so I could save ideas  that I found throughout the year to use later. Click here to see our board.


I try to add something new each conference session.  Last year I bought yellow buckets from the dollar store so that we could easily put treats, conference book,crayons and trash in them.  I like to bind the books so that after conference is over, the girls (and the hubby)can take it to church and use as a coloring book.  It also helps so there are not tons of paper scattered all over.  I usually find my books at Sugar Doodle.  There are several links on that site and I just print the pages I like most.                                                                                     


Another tradition we have is that each Friday night before conference we build a tent for the girls to sleep in like the people of King Benjamin.  The girls love the tent and usually stay there most of conference. 


This was a game I created last year to help the girls learn the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  At the beginning of conference I gave the girls 15 coins which they put on top of each picture.  When that apostle spoke the girls got to remove that coin from off of that apostle's picture. At the end of the each session, we removed the remaining coins.  Right before the next session starts, they put the remaining coins on the pictures again.  This time they had to remember who spoke in the previous session so that they didn't put the coin on an apostle that had already spoken. If they play their cards right they should end of with $1.16.  I printed the picture from Sugar Doodle.


I made up this game this year.  In our Primary each week, they give out a Quiet as a Mouse award.  It is a cute little mouse made out of Hershey kisses. The Primary Presidency will give it to the quietest person this inspired the name.  The rules of the game go like this: Each mouse is worth 5 seconds.  When the girls are being quiet I will give them a mouse.  The mouse can be taken away if they are not quiet and they can earn up to 9 mice each session.  At the end of the session they get to pick out of my "Quiet as a Mouse" bucket. If they get 2 mice they get ten seconds to pick out as many things as they can, but their eyes have to be closed, they can only pick out one thing at a time and the bucket is moving.  (It was just a way to make it more interesting :). You could also give them as many items for as many mice that they earn. In the bucket are treats and little slips of paper that have coupons on it like "30 minutes of TV time", "Free Movie from the Library",  "Breakfast in Bed",  "Mom reads to you for your school reading time".  (You could also add small toys or money)  


This idea is also to help the girls learn the names and faces of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  You can buy these pictures at the LDS Distribution Center for .50 cents.  The girls have fun finding the right apostle who is speaking.


 This year I also created an "ACTIVITY CENTER" of activities the girls can do if they are having a hard time listening.  Two hours is a long time to be quiet for anyone especially children.  These are different things that I have made over the years for General Conference.  There are homemade puzzles made out of LDS pictures and glued on to card stock and then laminated, lacing cards, stencils, Apostle matching game (I printed pictures  and mod podged the picture on a piece of quarter inch masonite wood.  You could also laminate picture.) Each year we try to add new  activities, but I also try to keep it simple so that they are not so distracted with activities that they forget to listen.


When my oldest daughter was 6 we started making "Conference Cinnamon Rolls" 
while my husband went to the priesthood session of conference. 
Each conference since then we have continued that tradition.  

Conference is a great time to build family memories and traditions. It really doesn't matter what you do just take the time to enjoy being with your family and listening to inspiring talks. So................

Do you have a Conference Tradition??


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  1. What great ideas!! It's so inspiring to see how much you want to help your children love General Conference.
    We try to have yummy food for breakfast so the kids associate conference with good and happy feelings (which come with food for us :). We also build a fort or tent, which is a beloved tradition. Thanks for all of your ideas!

  2. I heard Alex from the Nightside project on KSL Radio say that his family gets their pictures taken on conference weekend. I think that's a tradition I would like to start.

    I am glad that they post it so quickly to lds.org so I can listen to the talks again while I am working.

    I also have loved all the people posting on pinterest and facebook some of the great quotes. They help to inspire over the next six months of things I want to work on. Great post.


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