Monday, October 29, 2012

Give Thanks!

So I know Halloween hasn't come and gone yet but I wanted to give you an idea to help you and your family get ready for THANKSGIVING!!  It seems like it is the one holiday that can get overlooked and yet one of the most important holidays to remember.  We have so much to be thankful for!

This year our family is counting the days down to Thanksgiving by "GIVING THANKS".  Starting on November 1st we are sending a card of THANKS to someone each day until Thanksgiving.  This year there are 22 days.  The girls and I made cards to send but you can also pick up cheap thank you cards at the dollar store.  It has been fun to come up with a list of who to send a card to.   Here is a list of some that we have thought of :
1. Favorite Grocery Store.                                                 
2. Principal of your kids school.                                           
3. Local Police Officer or Fire Fighters.                                
4. Hair Stylist.                                                                     
5. Family Members.                                                            
6. Church Leaders.                                                             
7. Crossing Guard at your children's school.                        
8. Lunch Ladies or Custodians at your children's school.      
9. Favorite local TV station.                                                
10. Favorite Resturant.                                                        
11. Your children's friends.                                                  
12. Doctor's Office.                                                              
13. Book Author                                                                 
14. Nursing Home Resident                                                 
15. Dentist Office
16. Your favorite school teacher.
17. Favorite Blogger.
18. Local/School Librarian.
19. Your children's coach.
20. Your Neighbor.
21. Mailman or Mailwomen.
22. Your child.
23. Your spouse/your parent.
24. Favorite "product" company.
25. Boss/Spouse's Boss.
26. Secretary.
27. Someone in the Miltary
28. Your favorite Charity Organization.
Here's the simple card I made. I used the Circut Cartridge Walk in my Garden.
You will need a piece of white paper (4.25 x 5.5) , a flower pot, 3 stems, 3 flowers,
3 circles and the word thanks.

Simple and Easy!


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  1. i love this idea. I have a bunch of thank you cards left over from my wedding (14 years ago) so this would be the perfect way to use them.


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