Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Cupcakes... and teaching teens or tweens to decorate them

I taught the 8-11 year old girls in my neighborhood and church group how to make my favorite Halloween cupcakes. I wish these cupcakes were totally my idea, but I must gratefully give credit to Make it and Love it (one of my very favorite blogs) for most of it.  These girls had lots of fun, and their cupcakes were adorable.
So, make these yourself or teach some teens or tween or even scouts (although, good luck with that :)) how to decorate them. Here's how I taught the girls...

What you'll need:
butter cream frosting (this recipe)
   divide, leave some white, some purple, some pink with a touch of yellow
   put the purple in a piping bag with a large tip such as Wilton 1M or 2D
   put the pink/yellow in a piping back with Wilton #12 tip, or one with a medium size hole 
White fondant
A bowl or lid (to cut out the ghosts)
chocolate icing (just a little container from the store, or make it)
food writing markers, black, red (or red gel)
chocolate chips
gummy lifesavers
Tootsie Pops
Spider Rings
Halloween Sprinkles
First the eyeball....

Spread white frosting on the cupcake. 
Put a chocolate chip in the middle of a gummy lifesaver and put it in the middle of the cupcake.
With a red food writer marker or red gel, draw lines for blood shot eyes.

Next, the brain...
With the pink/ yellow frosting pipe 2 zigzags in the middle, then do zigzags on the sides.

For the mummies...
Roll fondant into small strips and cut into pieces.
Spread chocolate frosting on the cupcake.
Put 2 M&M's on the cupcake as eyes.
Draw little dots on the "eyes" for pupils.
Put small strips of fondant around eyes to resemble a mummy. 

Then make the spider swirls...
With the bag of purple frosting, pipe swirls on the cake. Here is a great explanation for swirling the icing on a cupcake.
Next, pour the sprinkles.
Then stick a spider ring in the middle.  

Last, make the ghosts...
Swirl white frosting on a cupcake.
Then put a tootsie pop in the swirl.
Have someone roll out white fondant and cut with a bowl or lid to make ghosts the size you want.
Cover the tootsie pop with the fondant.
Draw eyes on the fondant ghost with black food writer marker. 

There were lots of smiles all around with this activity...

Thanks for stopping by!!

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