Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Forum: What Scares You?

                                    Thanks to my friend Vivian for being the brave "scared" model :).
We all have something that gives us the creeps, right?  Since October celebrates all spooky things, it's time to confess those deep dark secrets! Our honest answers...

Jan: Snakes, the dark, and the thoughts of being stuck under water.

Jenn: The dark, losing people, and offending people.

Maren: Ok this one is embarassing to admit but when my washer is off balance and it starts banging around and sounds like it's posessed and going to crash through the ceiling and kill me. Also, heights and being in small spaces.

Lauralee: Things without legs and arms, failure, and sometimes my children.

Nancy: Heights, Facebook, and driving next to a diesel on windy days.
Now it's your turn to confess... what scares YOU? How do you get over it? Do you even want to? 

We would love to hear YOUR confessions!


PS. I'll answer my own question...My fear of Facebook must be faced at some time, so I'd better figure out how to get over that one. I'm always driving next to diesels, so I just pray my way through. But, heights... I will NEVER sky dive or hang glide. Ever. Ever. I don't even want to, or care to get over that fear!!! Pin It


  1. i'm afraid of the dark and masks! even if cosmo gets too close to me at football games it scares me. eep

  2. I am afraid of heights(even getting on a step ladder is too high), escalators, glass elevators, spiders, snakes, mice(deathly afraid- my co-workers once put a fake one on my desk and I freaked out),hornets, bees, viewings for deceased people, flying, roller coasters, walking across a bridge, and being forgotten.

    I remind myself to breathe and usually I have to have someone that I love talk me through the things that I am afraid of. I still make my husband get up in the night to kill a spider.

    I would love to get over my fear of going to viewings for deceased people. I am not sure how at this point. I haven't been able to be there for family and friends because of my fear.

  3. Lauralee, please tell me what things you have encountered that don't have legs or arms! I am so curious! --Maren

  4. I am glad other people really are scared of heights. I thought I was the oldest person alive who still had that fear!! Thanks for the company.

  5. I used to be afraid of heights. Then, several years ago, my best friend and I took a trip to the southwest. I climbed mountains and stood on the edge of several canyons and was able to conquer that fear. I have since climbed several volcanoes in Europe and Central America. However, I have yet to conquer my fear of stairs. I am something of a klutz and have tripped and fallen on them several times. Thank God for handrails.

    I would imagine that things without arms and legs would be snakes and worms. As an avid outdoors person, I love all of Gods creatures, but I do have a healthy respect for those that can harm me.


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