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Friday Forum: Our Favorite Cold Weather Remedies

It is that time of year again!! At our house we have already been hit with two rounds of the dreaded cold virus! I know that a cold may not sound that bad, but there are a lot of things I'd rather have than a cold!

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When I was pregnant with my first baby the cold took on a whole new meaning to me since all good medications were off limits. I suffered through two or three really bad ones and quite a few sleepless nights. After all the suffering, I decided that I was not going to have such misery during my second pregnancy. I searched to discover any possible way to find relief during those long nights. In all my searching I found the miracle cure that has almost wiped out the word cold from my vocabulary!

My Miracle Cure
This cure is so easy, very inexpensive and works quickly. The only side effect is that you may not be getting many hugs and kisses while using it! Here is the secret (that is not so secret).....garlic! All you need to do is mince one clove of garlic, let it sit for 10 minutes while the garlic works it's magic.  Then eat or drink it. The least difficult and most helpful way to drink it is to stick it in a glass of grapefruit juice (orange juice will work too) and drink as fast as you can. The less juice you have in your cup the better. To help clear your congestion, add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, mix and then drink even faster! I know that Nyquil may sound easier and more appealing but I promise that following these easy steps you will be left wondering if it was even a cold to begin with!

 I would like to know what all of you do to make it through all these cold weather bugs?

Nancy: I started drinking green smoothies almost every day since February. Not only have I kept away from colds and sickness, but I've also lost 20 pounds.  Green smoothies are not the ONLY factor in this, but a huge part of it. Here's my recipe:
 I also add some honey if it's not sweet enough. 

Honey and orange juice are great for cold viruses. My pediatrician told me that honey is proven to attack colds the same way as any over-the-counter cold medicine. Also, spinach actually has more protein per calorie than steak!! (I found that out when I read this book). Green smoothies have definitely boosted my health. 

Lauralee: During the cold winter months we tend to want to stay inside where it is warm and cozy. My best winter tip for staying sane and healthy is GET OUTSIDE! If you are lucky enough to have snow during the winter, get out and snowshoe, ski, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight! Getting outside has so many benefits. First, it will boost your Vitamin D levels which will improve your mood and immune system! Second, we all know the benefits of a little exercise.  A little sweat will help the body to detox and get rid a few unwanted invaders. Lastly, it is a great remedy for feeling cooped up.

Maren:  My cold remedy isn't as jaw dropping but it helps, I swear it! Over here we call it "The Concoction." It consists of two huge-o vitamin C pills and about 5 vitamin A pills. That much vitamin A can be bad for the body if you eat that much every day, but if you taking four to five for a few days is safe and it will knock out your cold.

Jan: It is hard to give this advice since I am not alway great about it but it is time to become "Sleeping Beauties".  Sleep is one of the most important thing we can do to prevent sickness.  I know how hard it is with deadlines, work schedules, kids, husbands, responsibilities, life etc.  BUT!!! getting sleep helps us in lots of areas of our life.  In this article titled Sleep is More Important than Food really caught my eye. (Really what could be more important than FOOD, especially chocolate!)  The author tells us to get ourselves in a bedtime routine.  I think mom's really like to get their children in a good bedtime routine and yet we forget that we should be on that same schedule.  He suggests 3 things to do before going to bed. 
1. Go to bed earlier — and at a set time.
2.Start winding down at least 45 minutes before you turn out the light.
3. Write down what's on your mind.
So remember it is ok to go to bed early, take a nap or sleep more than 8 hours, it is good for your health!

Please share any tips you have to keep sickness away!!

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  1. I can't wait to try the green smoothie and the garlic idea.(not that I want to get sick or anything). I agree with the other suggesstions as well. When I was young I got sick a lot. I would cough all night long and keep the family up. My mom used to crush garlic and mix with vaseline. She would rub this mixture on my feet. Then put plastic bread bags over them and then put on knee high socks. I would sleep with this on and then the congestion in my lungs would finally start to break up. She also mixed honey and lemon juice when I had a sore throat. Our neighbor who was ninety believed in this and was always giving my mom hints and tricks of the old wifes tales of how to heal sickness.

    I really believe that the more natural the remedy is (without chemicals) the better it works. Thanks for the fun topic.

  2. Thanks so much for your suggestions, Mackay Memories!! I learned that the biggest pores in your body are in your feet, and each part of the foot corresponds to a part in the body. It makes so much sense to put garlic on the feet, since it's a natural antibiotic. I'm going to try it!

    I like the lemon juice and honey idea too. My pediatrician said that kids are not allowed cold medicine until age 6, and even then it's not recommended. So, thanks for the ideas. I love to know as many natural remedies as possible. Thanks!

  3. Love your blog, has lots of good stuff I can use. thanks for sharing. I have been using this Chicken soup recipe with lots of garlic for many years, the newspaper article has yellowed with age...think it was 1989.


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