Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clay Owl Charms and Valentines

I totally love owls.  They're a trend, but I'll love them always.  I wanted to incorporate them into Valentine's Day this year. Ever since THIS post, my kids have been totally into clay. So we mixed our two obsessions and came up with these ideas...

First,  clay owl charms for key chains, phones, or just to play with. I definitely did not come up with this one. I wish!! THIS is a great tutorial.

 I thought about making them for my kids to take to school as their valentines with notes that say:
  "Owl be your valentine" or "Whooooos your valentine?"

However, as fast as I could make them, my kids would swipe and claim them. So, I decided to let them keep the ones they swiped for key chains and attach a note saying: "Owl always love you."

Second, we made a few charms for necklaces with stamps just like we made for our Christmas ornaments HERE.

Then, as I was playing around with the clay, I came up with this idea.

For the girls:

 For the boys:

We decided to make these as valentines for my kindergartener's class at school. Hairpins for the girls and magnets for the boys.

They only require a tiny bit of clay, and they're cheap. With the hairpin or magnet, about 20 cents each.

Plus... a candy free valentine. Moms like that!

Kids can even make them. 

Here's how... find out after the jump:

 First, gather supplies:
small circle cutter
brush on super glue
hairpins with base (to glue on owl charm)
Mod Podge
(I found all of this at Hobby Lobby)

Bake at 275 degrees 15 to 18 minutes. (Put a sheet on tinfoil on your pan first)

Let cool.

Brush with Mod Podge.

Let dry.

Glue on magnets or hairpins.

For hairpins, punch a little hole in the card and stick the hairpin through.
For magnets, put a magnet on back of the card to hold it in place.

Here are the cards to stick the hairpins and magnets on: (just right click, save to computer, and print)

The great thing is, even if owls don't fit into the Valentine schedule they can still be used any time of year!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. These are so owldorable Nancy. I loved the hairpins idea.

  2. :). Love that word "owldorable"!! Hahaha!

  3. My Mother in Law LOVES owls, and now I know what my kids will be making her for Mother's Day. Thanks!


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