Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Heart Shape Foods

This is the time of year to go crazy decking the hearts!
Here are a few ideas to give some heart love to your family.
They'll LOVE it...
(and yes, most of these are cut with cookie cutters.)
1. Cheese Hearts

2.  French Toast
3. Sugar Cookies

4. Pancakes .

5.  Rolls
6. Ice cream

7. Jell-O made with a heart shape mold.

8. Rice Crispy Treat  
 Add Valentine M&M's to give extra color.

9. Snickerdoodles 
Add a little red food coloring to your
favorite cookie dough. 
10. Sandwich

11. Fruit Roll-up

12. Turkey Burger

13.  Heart Ice Cubes for a drink
made with heart ice cube trays

14. Ham and Eggs 

Happy Heart Day!
Stay tuned for our  
First Giveway!
 Friday February 8th!
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  1. The heart ice cubes were my favorite! So darling Jan.

  2. My kids are gonna think I'm so cool when I do this :). Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  3. I think I will make heart shaped turkey burgers for Valentines since we are on a lifestyle change.


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