Saturday, March 15, 2014

Healthy Snack Ideas

I hear the question , "can I have a snack?" about 657 times a day! Sometimes it's enough to drive me bonkers, until I remember I want snacks too! The problem is that snacks can add up calories like crazy or blot out the hunger for real meal times.

It's easy to think of delicious cookies, brownies, or chips, or fruit snacks, but not so much the healthy stuff. Here's a printable list of good, healthy snacks that won't blow the diet:

(Save to your computer and print if you so desire)

 Serve a variety of these snacks in muffin tins, ice cube trays, or a veggie tray:

 Or make them really cute, on the days when you have extra time (haha, what's that?!)

Check out a bunch of fun and cute snacks on our PINTEREST PAGE .

Happy snacking!
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