Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebration Dinners

There are so any serious, difficult, time-consuming, nerve racking things in life that we all need to make time to celebrate and enjoy life more often! Life provides so many reasons to celebrate, and celebrating adds some glam and sparkle to the mundane of every day life. I'm trying to incorporate these more into our family dinners.

Holidays and Birthdays are definitely reasons to celebrate. The challenge is to look for a few more reasons. Some ideas:
Important sports activity
Running a race
School elections
Meeting a goal
When someone needs a little extra TLC
A job well done in a music recital
Remembering an ancestor's birthday
The less known holidays, such as pie day; something on a stick day (March 28th)
    See the list for crazy, obscure holidays HERE

Make it Simple
With all the ideas of celebrating, who has the hours to plan a ton of celebrations. Maybe some people, but not me. I'm kinda lazy and boring when it comes to that stuff.
So, I'm getting together a...
 celebration kit
 It's not done yet, or I'd show you, however I'm going to put these kind of things in it:

 table cloths
special plates and cups
fun party items that I find at a killer price

Be watching in April for a

Bring those celebration kits out at every chance to celebrate!

What to do at an ordinary celebration dinner:
Play the celebration song by Kool and the Gang (there's not much more to bring on a celebration mood :)
...or other music
Eat fun and favorite food
Favorite drinks
Play games related to the reason you're celebrating
Truly relax- no reason to get stressed- it's your family

Not a necessity, but an idea to make life and meal time a bit more fun!

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