Saturday, March 1, 2014

Introducing: 31 Days of Feeding the Family Series

When I first got married, I hardly knew how to cook... my poor husband :(. Then the kids started coming, and holy smokes, I had no idea how much feeding, feeding, and more feeding would be involved in raising a family. Meals, snacks, school lunches, dishes, cleaning, menu planning...  it was all SO overwhelming to me!!!

I remember sometimes just sticking a few pieces of frozen chicken in a pot, filling it with water, turning the stove on, and letting it boil for a few hours. I guess we ate it, because I don't remember doing much more cooking than that!

 I realized that I had better get my act together or I would have undernourished, unhealthy, whiny children who would want to live at  friends' houses because their moms made good food.

Plus, my bachelor's degree is in Family Science, and I remembered all the crazy-astonishing research on the importance of family dinner. So, I went to work! For years now, I've been focusing on how to feed this little family of mine without being totally overwhelmed with all the work.

Thankfully, my good friend Jan is naturally talented at feeding her family. She amazes me, and has taught me so much on this subject. We decided to write this series because we know how difficult it can be to feed kids, then feed them later, and feed them some more. Yet, we also know that it truly is one of the most important things a mom can do. Meal time encompasses so much more than just cooking and food (although it IS a WHOLE lot of that). Teaching, bonding, laughing, nutrition,conversations, creativity, working and relationships are all part of feeding the family.

These are the specific topics we've chosen to write about. Check them out, and please leave us your ideas too!! (The ones with no link have not been posted yet, we'll update them every day in March).

Dinner Conversations

Family Meals= A Vaccine For...  (The mind blowing research about Family Meals))

15 Ways to Create Fun Family Meal Times

Places to Eat Besides the Dinner Table

 The Easiest Menu Planning and 150 Meal Ideas

Shopping Tips

Breakfast Solutions

Meals Around the World

Packing School Lunches (With Free Printables)

The Best Utensils

They WILL Learn Manners

Cooking with KIDS

The Best Foods for Us

Meals on the Go

Healthy and Delicious Momma Lunches

Themed Meals

Extended Family Dinners

Celebration Meals

How to Choose the Best Cut of Meat

Healthy Snack Ideas

Kids In the Kitchen

Clean up with Kids by Nancy

Clean Up with Kids by Jan

Raising Grateful, Willing and "Non-picky" Eaters

Soups and Salads from Potlucks on the Porch

Taking Food  to Others... the way to the heart is through the stomach!

Holiday Place Mats: Kids' Craft

Top 5 Quick Meals

12 Cookies from Potlucks on the Porch

9 9X13 Desserts

Welcome to our longest series yet!

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