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How to save money at the grocery store?

I would say there are hundreds if not thousands of posts in the blogging world about
So I am not going to reinvent the wheel in this post I just wanted to share a few things that I have learned over time.  I really have a passion for saving money in the grocery department.  I like to find good deals and feed my family on a small budget. Here are my ideas:

1.  Do what works for you! and be willing to try something new!

I have read and talked to many people about how many times they go grocery shopping.  Some like to shop once a month, others twice a month (pay period), others weekly and some even shop daily.  We are very blessed to live when stores are open 24/7 so if you really wanted you could be in the grocery store every hour of everyday.
So think about it,  What works for you?  Are you a twice a month shopper?  Does it work for you or are you actually running to the store every week or every few days? Could you try something new?

Menu planning?? Do you plan a for a month, a week or daily? No Menu??  Does it work for you or could you try something new?

Eating in front of the TV, fast food, home cooked meals, vegan, not enough veggies??  Does it work for you or could you try something new???

I hope you get my point.  If something doesn't feel right or isn't working than try to fix it take small steps.  If it is working for your circumstances then enjoy it and stop worrying about what you aren't doing.  If you are spending too much at the grocery store then create a budget and work towards staying in that budget.  Then try making a menu with things that are on sale.  Just start with small steps.

2.  Make a Notebook.

About nine years ago I was a big coupon shopper.  I loved shopping with coupons.  I got such a high off of good deals.  My stock pile grew and it was so much fun for me!!  We moved about 7 years ago to a smaller place and I realized how many boxed and canned goods we really had, when we had to start putting food under beds and in bedroom closets.  I also realized how much I didn't use but had bought because it was on SALE with a COUPON.  So I changed my way of shopping.... 
I made a notebook of what we used regularly.  If you are a menu planner save your menus for a couple of months or save your grocery list or bill for a few months and you will be able to see what you really buy, then see if you really use it.  Once you know what you use keep track of the "BEST PRICE" for each item that way if it is on sale you can stock up and use a coupon if you want.  You can also keep track of how many you should buy by keeping track of how long that item lasts. 

I know you are thinking I don't have time for a notebook and that is ok back to the first rule,
Do what works for you and be willing to try something new.  Try it see if the system works for you.  Honestly, I rarely use my notebook anymore because I now know what my family uses and I know what a good deal is on these items. But it was how I started to learn to save for our family.


I am a once a week shopper.  I try to create our menu by what is on sale and what I have in the cupboard and freezer that I have stocked up on.  This saves us a lot of money.  I have found that I spend more money by just following this idea then if I just think what sounds good to eat this week. You can save big time on produce by eating what veggies and fruits are on sale rather than just whatever sounds good. Buy meat when it is on sale and stock up.  Use similar ingredients that are on sale.  Ex.  A case of strawberries on sale:  Make waffles with strawberries, strawberry smoothies, strawberry spinach salad, and strawberries in your cold cereal for different meals for the week.   I believe when I use a menu with the grocery ad that is the way I truly save the most.


Nancy wrote a post a few days ago about her Menu Planning System and I love her ideas.  Having a menu really is the key to helping you save money, feed your family healthier, and not having dinner be so crazy that you just call for pizza or go through the drive thru.  I really like the families input on this too.  I think including the family in dinner options can help too. Sometimes we as moms like control but if it overwhelms you, I guarantee the kids and the hubby would love to have a say in "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?"  Also don't forget to include in the menu breakfast, lunches, snacks or desserts.  Also it is good to try new meals so I keep those recipes and when those main ingredients are on sale then we make that new dish.  That way you are not just buying all the ingredients for one meal that can increase your grocery bill.


I LOVE the Case Lot Sales and believe you can save big on this area.  Again only if your family uses canned food and baking supplies.  Also I found this great article about when other things go on sale. For example you should stock up on Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard in May(Memorial Day) June (Father's Day) July (4th of July), that way you are paying for the item at it's lowest cost and you have bought enough to last you until the next sale. Some stores will have a Tuesday Sale or Friday/Saturday Sale, those are also great times to take advantage of the savings. 


Make a list and stick to it.
Avoid grocery shop when you are hungry unless you can stick to a list.
Make more food from scratch, especially baked goods.
Try using a outlet bread store for bread products.
Use coupons.
Shop quickly: Skip Isles.  Research proves that the longer you are in the store the more money you spend.
Shop with Cash it will help you to avoid impulse buying or budget for impulsive buying..
Use a calculator to keep track of your total.

Do what works for you! and be willing to try something new!

6.  The 20/50/30 rule.  The last idea was not my idea but I love the concept so I am going to send you to this Blog called Surviving the Stores to learn more.  She has other great tips and ideas as well.

Happy Shopping!!

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