Thursday, March 20, 2014

Placemat Craft for Kids

My daughter came home from school with these cute paper placemats that they had made for their Thanksgiving Celebration Lunch.
It got my creative side going and I realized that you could make placemats for any holiday or any kind of party theme.  It can also be a great craft for the kids to make and use to help set the table for family meal time.

I forgot to add if the strips are too long you can glue down the ends and cut off excess.  Add stickers or other cut outs to your place mat.
I also made a St. Patrick's Day placemat by cutting some shamrock with my cricut and glued them on. You could also let each child make one with their name on it.  The possible ideas are endless.  After decorating your paper placemat, laminate and your placemat will last through many meals and snacks. 

You can also add fun Napkin Rings for your placemats.
Happy Decorating!!
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