Sunday, March 16, 2014

Feeding the Extended Family

There will probably be a time that you will be responsible for
Whether it is for a Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Baptism, Summer Party, Sunday Dinner, Graduation, Weddings and Baby Showers, feeding the extended family can feel overwhelming. 
Here are two simple rules that have help me.
1. Make it simple but Have Fun!: If you are the type to go overboard try to scale it back a little.  This doesn't mean you have to not have fun with it.  I am trying to find a balance.  I love to go overboard and have fun decorations that match everything we eat.  I love to create fun food to go along with a theme.  I love all the preparation part but sometimes when it is all over I am exhausted, my family is tired of my screaming and I realize that sometimes I don't even enjoy the party itself!!  OTHER TIMES though if I plan ahead and I try to scale it back just a little I usually end up enjoying the party just as much as I did planning it.
2. Include others to help.  We had a Waffle Bar for my daughter's baptism and I asked two of my sister-in-laws to be in charge of cooking the waffles so that I could focus on other things including the guest.  Ask others to bring part of the meal.  Consider having food Catered or Go Dutch treat and eat at a restaurant.  Make sure your spouse and kids are on board.  Have a little family meeting and explain what is going on and ways that they can help.  Help them understand what is important to you.
My favorite part is coming up with the food.  There are so many fun food ideas that can make feeding the family easy.  Try one of these......



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