Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Packing School Lunches...(with printables for lunch ideas and notes)

I don't know about you, but I often get stuck a rut when I pack school lunches for my kids. The hardest part for me is the thinking of WHAT to put in those bags!! So, I made this printable list for the inside of my cupboard. Now that I've thought once, it's not such a daily dilemma.

I just grab a few of the items on the list each shopping trip Now I have some varied happiness for the kiddos on their lunch hour, I mean lunch minutes!  Feel free to print this list (I know that I made an error on the word zucchini! If it drives you crazy, just draw an h in, or email me, and I'll eventually get a corrected list :))!

I usually put a main item, a side, and either a fruit or veggie. Of course, a drink also. Some schools let students buy milk there are school, which is a great option too.

** Important Tip: It is repeatedly known that SO MUCH food is wasted in the garbage cans of the school cafeteria. Kids don't have much time to eat... small portions are the best way to save food and money!!

Kids love little notes or prizes in their lunch (think.. why do they love McDonald's so much?... NOT because of the stellar food!). Here and there I put a little prize or note aka,  a homemade "Happy Meal" if you will.   I made a few notes for their lunch boxes- nothing great or professional, but it might make your kiddos smile :). Again, feel free to print.

For some great ideas for lunch notes or jokes, see this lady's PINTEREST PAGE .


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