Thursday, March 6, 2014

Say NO to using the Dinner Table

Now before you start quoting me statistics about having family dinner time around the table, let me explain why I say it's ok to say NO to using the Dinner Table.

Sometimes we all need a change from the mundane of life.  Try have your family dinner, lunch or even breakfast somewhere else besides the Dinner Table with these great ideas.....

There are so many places you can eat outside and you don't even have to leave your own yard...
1. On the grass with blankets
2. Patio
3. Tree house
4. Picnic Tables
5. Serve dinner on cookie sheets or platters and sit on your stairs 
6. On the trampoline
7. Under the stars
8. In the car or the bed of a truck

There are so many parks in our neighborhood and I bet in yours too!! 
How many have you eaten at?

Snow Forts, Box Forts, Tree Forts, Blanket Forts
(Wouldn't it be fun to eat a bowl of warm soup after building a Snow Fort)

Canyons, Beaches and Mountains
1. Eat breakfast while watching the sunrise
2. Eat dinner while watching the sunset
3. Sunday Picnic
Photo Credit
1. On the living room floor on a blanket or tablecloth
2. Breakfast in Bed (MY KIDS FAVORITE)
3. Blanket Fort or Tent
4. Around the Christmas Tree
Once in a while switch it up and eat somewhere else besides the DINNER TABLE!

Happy Eating!

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