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Friday Forum: Husbands and Holidays

Do you ever feel that during the hustle bustle of life, and particularly during the holidays, that you neglect your husband? My husband definitely feels that way sometimes, and I'm trying to make it a point to remember how important our relationship is. It's easy after being married for a while to revert to roommate status, or become as "ships passing in the night."  

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 I have a feeling that I'm not alone in this. So, I'm giving every one a few assignments that will hopefully help us all keep our husbands on the priority list even during the busy holidays.

First: Make a list of the ten things about your husband that you are most thankful for. Give it to him. Then list at least 2 of them here. Feel free to list all ten though!!!

Second: Giving giving men gifts is hard since their lists are usually full of things that would break the bank. Although, most men would be overjoyed with more make out sessions (wink * wink*). When it comes to an actual present, what are the best gifts you've ever given to your husband? 
(We all know nights at hotels and big expensive things are great, but what about the smaller more inexpensive ones?)

Third: Figure out some fun and meaningful gifts to give your husband during the holidays. You don't have to answer that yet, maybe after Christmas though :).

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Nancy: My husband has a very selfless nature, he helps around the house because he knows it's important to me, he's an absolutely phenomenal dad, he's extremely patient with all of my flaws and quirks, he quickly forgives, he respects and listens to my opinions, he thinks I'm hot even when I'm not, he laughs easily, he never hesitates to cook meals when he's home, he's good at chatting (or "pillow talk"), he's fun and doesn't take life so seriously.

Hmmm, gifts... last year I gave my husband a packet that I called the "12 dates of Christmas."  I planned 1 inexpensive date every month, and commited to take him on those dates. Unfortunately I didn't follow through!!! If I would have, that would have been a great gift. I'm committing to come up with some good ideas this year though :).

Jan:  The things I am most grateful for about my husband are:  He is a self motivated and focused guy. 
(It is particularly great when I am what he is focusing on.)  When he has a project or task at hand he doesn't skimp or try to do it half way, he tries to do his very best. He is a pretty quiet guy and many people don't know this but he is also a very romantic guy.  (Don't let that get out too loudly.)  He is the kind of guy who plans weekends away, brings home flowers, leaves love notes, calls to say he loves me and is very thoughtful about gifts he gives to me. One time he kidnapped me from work and took me away for the weekend.  He had arranged everything from time off with my boss to what we were doing and where we stayed.  That's a keeper!!!

The best gift I've given my husband, that is a hard one........  One year for Christmas, I asked his mom for all his baby and childhood pictures and then turned it into a scrapbook. He thought it was really awesome.  The kids really enjoy looking at the book now and see what Dad looked like when he was little.  I also made him a lemon meringue pie as a gift, it is his favorite.  A friend of mine always gives her husband a kid toy for Christmas.  I followed her example one year and bought a remote control truck, he loved it!!  There is a little boy in every MAN.  Ask your man what toy he always wanted but never got or the one toy that he loved so much that it finally broke and buy it for him. 

Fun and Meaningful gifts to give your husband.......  It is a joke in our family if Dad is watching TV then he is in his "CAVE".  Of course what do I do when he sits down, I sit by him and start talking all about my day.  Seriously, what is wrong with me.  So a perfect gift for me to give would be a bucket full of his favorite treats, the remote and a coupon for a night alone with only his remote.  Oh and a little "make-out" session when the night is over is never a bad gift to give your husband!!!

Maren: My husband is very hard working and smart. He has big goals and dreams and achieves them which is something that I greatly admire. In Brazil he ran a bus company with his cousin that had 2,000 employees. When he joined the LDS church and decided there was more to life than success and retiring at age 30, he up and moved to the U.S. speaking no English and few friends. Sometimes he worked three jobs to make ends meet. One was cleaning blood off instruments at the plasma donating place (yuck), and another one at the dry cleaners where we met (awww). Now he works as an engineer and has huge goals that I am positive he will reach.

I would like to say one of his favorite gifts was a homemade card I made him where I had gone back to all my journals and written down quotes about him from our dating and early married life about how great he was, but I'm pretty sure he'd still say his TV would be his favorite gift. Men. Sheesh.

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Lauralee: I had a fun time coming up with a list. A few things about my husband that I am most grateful are his sense of adventure and fun. Although, this trait has landed him in the emergency room on a few occasions, he reminds me that life is not always about schedules and to-do lists. Another, quality that I am thankful for is that he helps and supports me to reach my own goals. One last thing I want to mention, I am thankful for my husband's family. They say not only do you marry the spouse but you marry the whole family.  In my case, this was an added bonus!

When it gifts, hmmm. I don't know. I'd love any suggestions!

Jenn: My husband is really fun, funny, goofy, and makes us laugh all the time. He's mellow and easy going, but also a really hard worker. He's a great dad and a fun guy to be married to.

I asked him what the best and most inexpensive gifts I've given him are, and he said that he loves letters. Also, made him a short movie on Windows Live movie maker for our 2nd anniversary. He still watches is and shows people... and that was free!!

If you are stumped about what to give your husband this Christmas, here are a few ideas. They may not be actual gifts to open, however, he may appreciate this kind of gift more:

**Read this article called, "How to Love your Husband His Way." It's a compilation of 100 things you can do to show your husband you love him.

If you really want to give him something he'll love, and will cost you almost nothing, go to Love, Actually and find out what this is all about! Married people only :).

The 12 Lays of Christmas

Please tell us the best gifts you've ever given your husband!! Or anything great you might be giving him this year!Obviously most of us need help in this area!

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  1. My husband Brett is a great guy. He's goofy and a big kid. He finds joy in the smallest of things which helps me to not worry so much and keep me calm. The funnest gift I ever gave him was a "Rockum sockum Robot". He had one as a kid and he was so excited. He only lets his neices and nephews play with it if an adult is watching or playing with them. We are giving each other money this year to go towards our Hawaii trip next fall. I told him I was going to wrap up some of his books so he would have something to unwrap. He just laughed.


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