Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Gingersnaps with Orange Zest

Nothing says the holidays more like a little bit of divine baked goods. While experimenting with a combo of the new Hershey Spice Kiss and gingersnap cookies (waaay too rich, not great) I came upon the idea of dipping the gingersnaps in white and milk chocolate and grating a little orange zest on the top. After trying it I decided it tastes like a cookie version of a chocolate orange. Delicious. Wrap a few of these bad boys in a cellophane bag and you've got a sweet neighbor gift that includes some different tastes of the season.

Click here for a great gingersnap recipe. 

Happy Baking!

~Maren Pin It


  1. Wow Maren! I'm going to have to make these. Gingersnaps are my all time favorite cookie, and you've made them even better. They look beautiful and scrumptious.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I didn't know gingersnaps were your all time fave! I'll definitely whip up a batch come you next birthday.


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