Monday, November 26, 2012

Step by Step Tree Set-Up

For the first few Christmases my husband and I never had a tree. We were either moving or saving for tuition
that was due in a few weeks. Needless to say, it wasn't until 5 years into our marriage that I finally had a Christmas tree to decorate. So of course I went all out! Through the years I have streamlined and figured out  a few steps that make setting a Christmas tree up a little less daunting.

1. The Lights:
When it comes to lights, I generally like to divide the tree into 3 sections and start from the trunk and move up. Weave the light strand from the front and back of each branch. Leave the lights plugged in. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you are done with the lights only to plug them in and find that there is a short somewhere! Stand back, blur your eyes and look to see if there are bare spots.

2. The Ribbon:
After the lights are up, grab some ribbon. I love to use a product called "Deco Mesh". You can find it at most craft stores (I found mine at Costco).  I love using this because it fills the tree, which means less ornaments. This is a great tutorial for using the "Deco Mesh".  If you want the your tree to look wider, wrap the ribbon horizontally and vertically if you are trying to achieve the look of a tall tree. Either way you really can't go wrong.

3. Garland: 
If ribbon isn't your style opt for a garland. There are some really fun ones out there these days! I decided to use both ribbon and garland.

4. The Ornaments:
When it comes to ornaments, I like to start with putting the largest ornaments on 1st. Create more interest by having oversized ornaments. Think outside of the box, I have used objects that aren't ornaments (such as picture frames, poinsettias etc.).

After you have your larger ornaments on, fill in the rest of your tree with the smaller items (bulbs, icicles, etc.)

5. The Filler:
If your tree still seems a little bare after the previous 4 steps, add some filler (twigs, glitter branches etc.)

Helpful Hints:
-Choose a theme (this helps when choosing ornaments and other accessories). My theme was in the color. I stuck with a white and silver theme.
-Add some natural (things you would find in nature) elements to the tree. I chose the twig garland for mine as well as a few poinsettias
- You really can't have too many ornaments on a tree, make it your own personal statement and have fun!.

If you have little people that love to decorate too. I have another small tree that I let my boys decorate until there hearts are content. This tree includes all of their "own" ornaments they have made or collected.

Have fun with your tree/trees. I would love to see your masterpieces, favorite ornaments or hear about your tree tips!

Merry Christmas!
Lauralee Pin It

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  1. I love that there is a formula for decorating a tree!! I never understood how people made them look so pretty. Now I need a tree of my own! My kids love to throw every ornament in the house on our tree.


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