Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brazilian Birthday Party

Have you run out of ideas on what to do to throw that perfect party for your child? Look no further than to our friends down south....the Brazilians! Do they ever know how to throw a great one! We arrived in Brazil a few days after our baby's first birthday and my awesome sisters-in-law put together this little festa (party) for her. A couple of weeks later our nephew turned two so we got to party twice! Both my two year old and I left Brazil excited for her third birthday so that we could throw an awesome party of our own!

There are a few important elements that are necessary to make the perfect Brazilian party. These include:

  • A theme
  • At least one table covered with treats (doces). They have specific ones they use and I will eventually post those recipes.
  • Fun little take home gift for the kids who came to your party.

There is a lot of room to be creative with things such as the theme, the location, the food that is served and the take home gifts.

Here is the little take home gift from her party. Inside of this little gift there were hair clips, candies, firework snappers, a whistle, little plastic animals and a few other trinkets. They also put in things like pens, notepads, washcloths, little party favors, pictures, stickers and anything else you can imagine a kid liking! They use all kinds of containers to fill with these goodies. My nephew went to one birthday party where they gave all the kids backpacks full of goods!  
For my adorable little nephew ( the one in the middle), they threw a futebol (soccer) party where everyone went dressed up in their favorite teams' jersey. His party was at an event center specifically designed for kids. There was a trampoline, bouncy air toys, dress up cloths, air hockey and video arcade games.

This was seriously one of the funnest kid birthday parties I have ever been to. I would highly recommend getting some ideas from these creative party lovers! We would love to hear about your best birthday party ideas and if you are looking for some Brazilian ideas, let me know. My husband's cousin has a huge party planning and catering business. . .so we've got an in! Hope your next party is a huge success!!
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  1. How fun! Those treats looks super yummyoso too. Let's get that cousin overe here to make us some!

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  3. I don't have kids but I enjoy going to my neices and nephews birthday parties. My favorite birthday party was when I turned 40 I took all my sisters and their families (12 or 13 of us) to Disneyland. I love that I got to spend the day with all my favorite people and that does include my family not just Mickey, Minnie and the gang. A brazilian birthday party looks really fun.


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