Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Decorations!

There is a sad void where the Christmas tree and decorations once were. So what's a gal to do...hit the dollar store and fill that void with bright pink and red!

Here are a few simple projects that will leave no question that love is in the air!

For this project, I bought a couple of styrofoam balls from the dollar store. I also bought 10-bunches of roses (5 red, 5 pink). Next, just clip the roses. Leave a small part of the stem to stick in the styrofoam ball. Voila! 

What's more fun than making Valentine cards? How about a Valentine chain. Find some great paper, ribbon and doilies and knock yourself out! 

Part of the fun of Valentine's Day is the cute candies! So why not put them on display. 


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  1. Love the decorating ideas. I love how you make it so simple yet they look so professional!!

  2. Those are so cute I definitely want to make those styrofoam bouquets. Nice job Lauralee!

  3. Cute decorations! Thank you for such great ideas!


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