Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Power of Music

I am sure we have all had those days when we are feeling grumpy, lonely, tired, angry, anxious, sad, or frustrated and YES, lots of  happy moments.  I found myself the last three months feeling extremely tired and a bit lonely which turned into grumpy and angry.  I am one of those women who doesn't do well without sleep and my emotions get the best of me.  With a newborn and three other girly-o's my exhaustion got the best of me.  I found it really helped to have music playing.  There was something about the rhythm, beat and sometimes the words that helped me to keep my emotions in tacked until nap time or the end of the day.

When I am feeling insecure or need to remind myself who I am and what I can do, I really like this song.....
When I need to remind myself to take care of myself
and stand up for myself, I like this one...
When I need to remember to dance and enjoy
the little moments with my girls, I like this ......
If I need to remind myself that I love my children and they are only children for a short time, I like this one.....
When I need to be reminded to be  kind
or have more Christian feelings, I like this one.....

  The power of music is incredible.  It can change your mood, attitude and inner thought process in  just moments.  So create a playlist for yourself so you can change your mood during those moments that you just can't seem to get out of your inner negative thoughts.

What songs help you?
Have a musical day!
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  1. Love The World's Greatest! Just this passed Christmas season when I was feeling overwhelmed with the Christmas deadlines with work, I set The World's Greatest on repeat to listen to over and over. I sobbed through it the first few times because of how low I was feeling, but it really did pull me out of my negative feelings and give me the strength to keep moving. Loved your post!

    1. It is amazing what the words to some songs can do for our souls!! Thanks for sharing!


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