Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fun Baby Shower Ideas

My sister is having her first baby in a few months. Of course she needed a baby shower, and OF COURSE I wanted to throw it!! {Like, one of my favorite things to do in the world... yep, true!} It turned out so fun and cute that I had to tell y'all about it. I only wish that I could claim each and every one of these ideas as my own, but mostly, I used the creative brain power of others :)... and the help of my other amazing sister who's baby was 2 weeks old at the time!

There's definitely something about a great location that just makes showers SO much extra fun... especially when the weather cooperates and the party can ensue OUTSIDE. We lucked out. No amount of decorating can equal a pretty ivy vine growing in the background....

1. Diaper Cake
One of my favorite things to make for an expectant mommy is a diaper cake. 
 I learned the trick from the gals at Our Best Bites (who are basically my personal tutors in so many ways). The cake is super easy and fun to make. Although it can get a little spendy depending on how fancy and frilly it's accessorized :). If you want to make your own Diaper Cake Centerpiece check out the tutorial HERE .

FYI: I used target diapers here and rolled them face down, just because I like white, but colors would look cute too!

2. Diaper Castle Cake
A family friend made this Princess Diaper Castle and brought it to the shower. Definitely a hit!  I'll admit, um,  I even found myself getting jealous for how much praise it generated ;).

Check out all of these amazing and creative diaper cake tutorials at Living Locurto , including a super astonishing diaper castle!

3. Questionnaires 
This shower was open house style with no formal games. My sister just wanted advice, and so I put her in charge of that  {I know, maybe a little bit jerkish of me, but she got what she wanted!!}
She found questions like these, and used them to create her own questions which she liked even better.  Then she typed and printed them with some free borders she googled. She's having fun times while reading through all the answers.

 The one on the left, I saw on pinterest- but could not trace back to the original source. The one on the right is available on Etsy as a download at the store Chomping at the Bit for $5.

Ok, now for my VERY FAVORITE PART.... an Italian Soda Bar {again from the life-changing blog, Our Best Bites}...
I'm so sad that I didn't snap a picture from this shower, but just take my word for it... this is SUPER FUN! In fact, I'm even doing a smaller version of an Italian Soda Bar tonight for some people we're having over for dinner.

An Italian Soda Bar is welcome at ANY event. When you've got some of the goods, there's no end to the fun. It's good clean fun for ANY age... my kids think it's great!

As a member of the Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), I don't drink alcohol.   I've never understood what all the fuss with drinking was about... the only time I ever tasted alcohol was by accident on an airplane. "What happened?" you ask. Well...

I was lucky enough to get "bumped" up to first class just after my 18th birthday on a trip to Hawaii. The flight attendants were giving cute drinks decorated with a pineapple and mini umbrella to everyone who wanted one. Being the naive girl that I was, I took it with NO idea that any spike was included.

Needless to say, I fell asleep and woke up with a gigantic head ache. Then.. ding, ding, ding... it hit me... the drink must have been more than the rotten tasting orange juice I'd just chugged. I asked the flight attendant if the drink contained alcohol. She answered in the affirmative, and I cried.

I frantically called my dad as soon as I got to the airport confessing what had happened. With a stifled laugh, he told me that it was ok.  Whew... happy for that reaction. I knew FOR SURE that alcohol tasted nasty and gave me a headache. No desire at all to drink it. Ever. Again.

Therefore... one more great thing about an Italian Soda Bar - I am POSITIVE that it is every ounce as much fun as going to the "fully loaded" parties, but tastes TONS better, and you'll be able to safely drive home!

Ok, excuse that side track... now I just need someone else to throw a baby shower for {and a few bucks to do it!!}

**If you want to throw your own Italian Soda Bar, find out how HERE. Get the cute, free printables HERE .


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