Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday Forum: 5 Fun Questions to ask at Dinner

One of my favorite things to do is sit around the table
at dinner and talk. 
 It doesn't happen very often with my family, our dinner time is more like when pigs are eating from their trough.
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 We are also blessed with a daughter who decides if she doesn't want something, her Dad needs it, who is across the table from her. And he NEEDS it NOW!!!!!
She is not as innocent as she looks!!
So I try to come up with questions to ask my family, while they are inhaling their food. Here are  Five Fun Questions you can ask your family while eating dinner.
1. What was your favorite part of the day?
2. What did someone do nice for you today?
3. What did you do nice for someone else today?
4. Who would you like to be eating dinner with today?
5. What new thing did you learn today?
So if you don't have daily food fights and pigs at your table, 
What do you talk about at dinner? 
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  1. This is SUCH a great post! Dinner time is proven to be so important for families, yet I seriously agree that I have a bunch of fighting little piggies :)sometimes. I love these questions <3! Will use them TODAY!


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