Monday, August 5, 2013

8 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes

I am no expert on clothes shopping, but I have some helpful tips that I do to help save us money when buying school clothes.   Please feel free to share any of your helpful hints in the comments below!!!

1. Shop the Clearance Racks at Department Stores.  We have found lots of great deals for dollars that were regularly $30 to $40.
2. Shop outlet stores.  We love stores like Ross and TJ Maxx.
3. Buy during the off season.  The first few weeks of school are usually warm around our neck of the woods so we buy a few shorts on the clearance rack then when spring comes again they have new spring and summer clothes.  Also remember in the spring to watch for winter stuff to go on sale.  It's a great time to buy pants for more than half off.
4. Watch for sales and coupons.  Kohls always has amazing cash rewards. Watch for BOGO deals.
5.  Do a clothes swap with your friends. 
6. Sew your kids clothes.  Nancy did a great pants to skirt tutorial here.  She also made awesome skirts here.
7.  Shop online stores, especially their clearance sections.  Lauralee gives great advice here for places to shop online.
8. Shop second hand stores.

This was a shopping trip I made several years ago when my oldest was going into first grade and my second was going to preschool.  We bought clothes in the spring time after we had gotten our tax return.  Using the tips above our shopping trip included: 2 swimming suits, 1 jacket, 2 shorts, 14 pants, 18 shirts, 1 dress and 6 underwear.  Had we bought these at regular price we would have spent $631.22.  We spent $184.48, almost 70% savings!   
Happy Shopping!! 

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  1. I wish you could go shopping for me and my new job. Great tips.


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