Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Family's "GO TO" Meal

I think every family has that "GO TO" Meal when mom looks in the cupboard and says.........
"What's am I going to fix for dinner?"
So what is your "GO TO" Meal....
Is it Pancakes, Cold Cereal, Pizza?????
In our house we seems to have this mixture.  It is 1 lb of cooked ground turkey, 1 can corn, 1 can kidney beans and 1 can black beans.
The best part is there are several different dinners we can make with this depending on what else is in the cupboard or fridge.  We use soft tortillas and make "Burritos". We add hard taco shells and make "Tacos".  We add a can of stewed tomatoes and make "Taco Soup".  We add chips and salad and make "Taco Salad".  We add chips, cheese and salsa and make "Super Nachos".  So from this one recipe we have 5 different meals that we can "GO TO" when I open the cupboard and say ..................
What's your family's "GO TO" Meal???
Enjoy Dinner!

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