Wednesday, April 3, 2013

LDS General Conference Activities for your family

We love the weekend of LDS General Conference.  I love to plan things for my family to do while watching and listening to our church leaders. We created an ACTIVITY CENTER and I like to add new activities each year. 

ACTIVITY CENTER: Last years idea

NEW IDEAS for Spring Conference Session!

1. Sewing Project

My girls have started to learn how to cross stitch.  This is a great thing to have in our Activity Center because it helps to keep their hand busy and their mouths a little quieter. I got them at the dollar store. If you or your child knows how to knit, crochet or sew check this post from Nancy with 50 Cute, Fun and Chic Hats or try these No Slip Headbands from Laura. 

2. Jewelry

Another thing my girls like to do is to make jewelry.  If you have little ones you can also make jewelry with fruit loops on yarn.

3. Conference Car Ride 
Here is a fun ticket to give your children to enter the car for the Conference Car Ride.
I love to go for a car ride and listen to General Conference on the radio.  We have some great canyons around are home which is perfect to drive through during the spring and see the beautiful flowers blooming.  It's also perfect in the fall to see the leaves changing colors.  We also like to either pack a picnic and stop in between the sessions or stop at our favorite Ice Cream shop for a shake. 

4. Conference Blocks or Cups

My daughter absolutely loves the stacking cup game from Minute It to Win It. It can keep her busy for hours so I decided to create cups with the First Presidency and 12 Apostles pictures on it so she could learn to put them in order.

5. Conference Buckets

We like to make Conference Buckets that has a conference coloring book, crayons and treats for our family. You could also make these fun Crayon Tote Bags from Nancy. Here is a great site for Conference Packets.

6. Matching Game or Go Fish
from Little LDS Ideas blog.

OTHER IDEAS for General Conference
1. Service
As my girls are getting older, I have been looking for service projects they could do while they are watching conference like making quilts or putting together hygiene kits. Hopefully with more preparation on my part you will see this in our Activity Center next conference. Check out these sites for other service ideas.

2. Conference Spring Cleaning

I loved this idea from my sister-in-law, Tiffany.  Spring General Conference also meant Spring Cleaning at their house.  During the Saturday sessions of General Conference her mom would have the family clean while they listened to conference on the radio.   The fun part was her mom would hide money throughout the house so when they did the job they got the money. 

3. Lounge Pants or Socks

Another fun idea is to give your children a new pair of lounge pants or slipper socks (you can socks at the dollar store) the night before conference so they can have something fun to wear while watching conference.  I think teenagers would love this ideas. 



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  1. Great ideas Jan! I loved the hiding money for the spring cleaning that's fantastic. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom.

  2. I LOVE these ideas, Jan! I love the car ride tickets- so fun!! I also think doing a humanitarian project would be REALLY awesome!! I love your ideas to just keep them busy too! Thanks for sharing all these. What a GREAT resource and so much work!! I hope lots of people read this because it is very beneficial!


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