Thursday, July 18, 2013

Princess Brithday Cake Tutorial

We all know that the vast majority of little girls LOVE princesses, and have at least ONE princess birthday party, right? So, it's nice to have a basic way to decorate a princess cake. This is one that ANYONE can do.

Step 1:
Make 2 round cakes, one a size small than the other.

Step 2:
Cover the bottom cake in butter cream  frosting and fondant.
See THIS tutorial for further instructions on how to do that.
With ruler, mark dots one inch apart around the top of cake.

For the rest of the tutorial, click on the read more button:

Step 3:
Using a "Wilton fondant cutter and embosser cake tool",  and a manilla folder...
Hold the edge of the manilla folder at an angle to the cake. Trace slanted lines all around the cake. Then go back the other way. This will give you diamond shapes 

Step 4:
Roll little balls of pink, or another color. Cover the dots that you made in the fondant during step 2.

Step 5:
Cover the smaller cake in pink fondant.

Step 6: 
Fill a piping bag with smooth butter cream frosting and a #2,3, or 4 tip (depending how think your icing is, and how big you want your lines)

Step 7:
Mark with a tooth pick where you want the top of your lines to be.

Step 8:
Make drop lines with the frosting along the cake. Don't worry if they are not perfect... the one I made is SOOOO not perfect, and little girls still LOVE the cake...
HERE is a great you tube video that teaches how to make drop lines if you don't know how. {Which I didn't before I made this cake}.

Step 9:
Make little butter cream dots on the center of the drop lines.

Step 10:
Roll little fondant balls to border the cake.

Add a princess crown, OF COURSE!

That's it! Now make a little princess really happy!

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