Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Forum: Birthday Treat or Birthday Tradition

My friend just celebrated her birthday and we were talking about what  her favorite birthday cake is.  It started me thinking about how we all have our favorite "Birthday Treat" or "Birthday Tradition".  So today for Friday Forum the question is....... 
Do you have a favorite "Birthday Treat"
that you have each year
or do have a specific "Birthday Tradition"?

Jan:  Since I was about 10, I stopped asking for a birthday cake and wanted birthday brownies.  Brownies would have to be all time favorite dessert. I especially love mint brownies, but honestly I don't think I have had a brownie I didn't like.  I also love starlight mint ice cream with my birthday brownie.  I just recently found this yummy brownie recipe from Jam Hands that I highly recommend. 

Lauralee: My favorite birthday cake has always been German Chocolate Cake. I was so excited that Nancy posted a great recipe here. Now days if I want a cake for my birthday, I have to make it myself. Who wants to cook on their birthday? So now I opt for the a piece of Magelby's chocolate cake!

Maren: For our birthdays growing up, my mom let us choose any dinner and cake we wanted. We had a special birthday plate that was bright red with "you are special today" written around the edge and you got to eat dinner on it. The birthday plate was stored in the hutch unlike the regular boring cupboard plates so you KNEW you were special. Also my mom would make a birthday cake for the whole family to enjoy and a mini one just for you. That was AWESOME! That meant if you had enough will power you could make your mini cake last for at least three days since the family one would be gone in three minutes. It was heaven.

Nancy: I really love making  yummy cakes for people. Here are a few of my favorites:

However, I don't like to cook on my birthday. So, I make sure to buy something extra scrumptious like Key Lime Pie from Cafe Rio {ooooh it is so AWESOME}, or gourmet cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy or Cupcake Chic. Good food and GREAT dessert is definitely a birthday MUST!

We love comments..... Please share with us your
 "Birthday Treat" or "Birthday Traditions"!
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  1. We love getting birthday cakes at one of our local bakeries and it must have buttercream frosting! So delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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