Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer School- Math

Here are some fun and easy games for Math.

Greater than, Less than or Equal

Use a calculator especially doing worksheets. 
(I know what you are thinking..... but just think about how often you use a calculator
 for simple math.  It is also good to let them check their work to see if it is right) 
Kids really enjoy using a calculator!

Use a deck of cards and have them add, substract, divide or multiply numbers.
The idea came from The School Bell,  I changed mine so it did not have answer. 
Both ways are great.
Here is a copy of the paper I made.

I got this great clock from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptive Educational
The smaller square one is from My Community Circut Cartridge.

The idea came from First Grade School Box
We did not have dominos so we just used dice so two different ways to play the game.

My girls have always come home at the end of the school year with
workbooks that have some pages they never got too. 
Worksheets can be boring so spice it up.
You can give rewards, time them, let them use a calculator,
work through each problem with them.

  Money: I found the dollar bills at the dollar store and laminated them.  We also use our relish tray to sort out the money.  In the middle are separate pieces of paper with an amount on them.  I have them count the amount on the paper.  Sometimes we will have them use the least amount of coins and bills or see how many ways they can make that amout.  We have also been learning if the price is the amount on the paper and I give you an amount how much change would you give back.
This would have to be my girls favorite activity!!!


For more ideas check out our pinterest board- Summer School
Math can be fun!!!


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  1. Way to make math fun, Jan!!

  2. Mil is going to do a Summer School in S.F. Would you like to have Xan attend your summer school while we wait for her? You never cease to amaze me Jan. You are incredible. You always have the best ideas and do the funnest things.

  3. thanks for sharing!i'll try to make fun to my son this summer...

  4. I love this post! Such wonderful fun ideas! This is going to be featured this week @ Great Idea Thursday's! Bring on summer :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

    1. Thanks Krista!! I am super excited to be featured!! Thanks again!

  5. Lots of fab ideas - have pinned it, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

    Hopping over from Handful of Everything


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